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Cold Soothing Gel Shark Cartilage Muscles and Joints

Cold Soothing Gel Shark Cartilage Muscles and Joints
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Consolidate your cartilage and find the flexibility and elasticity of your joints.

Discover this new gel " shark cartilage " !
SHARK CARTILAGE Gel is a unique formula that combines , for the first time , shark cartilage and herbs used for over 3000 years by Aboriginal and Chinese medicines.
This new soothing gel is ideal for all those who wish to appease their rusty joints, their aching muscles , burning their backs ... For athletes and those suffering from joint discomfort .
What ? Did Gel SHARK CARTILAGE so special ?
For the first time in the same cosmetic gel , we find the best sea shark cartilage , and the best of the land : selected essential oils in Chinese and aboriginal medicine.
This new formula is exceptional combination of plants, such as cinnamon , ginger, tea tree , camphor, caraway oil and mint , gives results on the appeasement of the most unbearable sensitivities .
Thus understand why the old medicines already used these plants in their pharmacopoeias.
That knows we on the assets of the Gel SHARK CARTILAGE ?
Shark cartilage contains mucopolysaccharides (eg hyaluronic acid) lubricants our real cartilage ; calcium ( contributing to the remineralization ) and collagen ( which forms 20 % of the cartilage ) .
Every day, your cartilage is formed and deformed . With age or wear chondrocytes , cells of your cartilage deteriorates and pain settled each day a little more .
These essential oils are carefully chosen in Chinese medicines ( whose reputation is well established ) and the Aboriginal medicine , from the Australian continent, the cradle of humanity .
Plants with unique properties such as the Melaleuca (or Tea Tree ) has been used for centuries by Australian aborigines .
The Tea Tree is used to soothe the ligaments , tendons and muscles that suffer .

The Carum (or caraway ) is native to Europe. It is used to eliminate muscle spasms induced by excess stress on joints weakened .
The Zngiber (or ginger) has been used for decades by China as a powerful anti-inflammatory . It helps to strengthen lesmuscles that support the joints.
The Cinnanomum (or cinnamon) used frequently in the United States , reduces numbness of muscles and joints, " morning stiffness " so painful . It also helps to reduce swelling , heat and redness
inflamed joints.
Menthol (or peppermint oil ) is universal, it provides a soothing and cooling effect on a hot , red and tender joint.
The Camphor (or camphor) oil is widely used in Asian medicine . It helps to decrease stiffness, aches and stiffness due to spasmesmusculaires .
It is like ice on sensitive areas , swelling and redness.
The unique formulation of this soothing gel provides great wellness to all those who use it.

1 tube of 100 ml

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