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Vasodilax Erection Stimulant

Vasodilax Erection Stimulant
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Erectile dysfunction , sexual failures ...

1 in 5 men is suffering from temporary impotence at some point in his life, mostly related to poor physical condition, or secondary to a drug effect. Fatigue, smoking, stress , alcohol, diabetes, food too rich in calories , high or just a mental block represent 75% of the causes of temporary impotence in men of any age, and 90 % of cases after 50 years.


This is a massage cream involute OEG which exerts a stimulating vasodilator action to improve the development of erections and improve sexual performance during intercourse .
" VASODILAX " should be applied twice daily massage on male genitals. It penetrates easily and is well tolerated . The first improvements can be seen at the end of a fortnight , but the recommended duration is 30 days .

• WHAT ARE THE OXYGEN - glycerol esters : OEG ?

A recent discovery : active oxygen ! Is Professor BARANGER , Polytechnique and chemist high level , is exciting for research, discovered hyperoxygenated oils or 0xygéno - Glycerol Esters ( OEG ) , a concentrated oxygen "nascent " still called "active oxygen" . The 0xygéno - Glycerol Esters have the essential characteristic of promoting blood circulation by external local application to the "vascular cavernosa ." Key element of the male reproductive system , the " vascular cavernosa " determines the mechanism of erection. More blood circulation is stimulated, the erection is more powerful and durable.


OXYGEN - Esters of Glycerol ( OEG ) of natural origin, which are obtained after a hyper- oxygenation of vegetable oils which have the property of stimulating blood flow by external local application.
" VASODILAX " also contains natural organic silicon extract of bamboo sap , especially recommended for firming tissues. Silicon is in fact a fundamental component of connective tissue ( skin and mucosa ) , which participates in the attachment of water molecules in the skin to maintain optimum hydration rate , and therefore the tone , volume and tissue elasticity .
Share their safety and ease of use, the OEG may agree on a hand to all those who encounter problems erections , and other men who have the desire to maximize the development of their erections in order to improve their sex.
VASODILAX the cream is not a drug, or a lubricant and does not affect the quality of condoms under normal conditions of use.

Directions for use: external use. Apply a dab of Vasodilax 2 times per day , preferably morning and evening throughout the genitals ( penis and testes) , perineum and inner thighs . Massage gently until completely absorbed. Vasodilax causes no side effect and can be applied throughout the year if necessary.

Presentation: Case containing a 100 ml tube .

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