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Cranberry Complex Urinary Comfort

Cranberry Complex Urinary Comfort

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Do not let infections and other urinary problems ruin your life !

Cranberry : a valuable ally , effective help against pain and urinary genes.

There are nearly 2 million women in France , which each year suffer from chronic urinary infection or discomfort.
Terribly painful (burning urethra , stomach aches, cramps and pains in the back, great incessant urination ... ) .
These chronic conditions severely handicap the lives of women who suffer : repeated work stoppages , depression, mood swings , trips and vacations that turn into a nightmare ...
Unfortunately, and although this problem is well known to health professionals, there are only a few ways to fight against these inconveniences : taking antibiotics the relative efficacy and significant side effects.

What Cranberry ?

Known from the Atlantic decades, Cranberry (or Cranberry) is a small red berry native to North America juice bitter and tart at the same time . Native Americans were using cranberries to prevent and treat infections
urinary tract, and to treat various disorders of the digestive system , liver , kidneys and blood.
Very consumed in the USA as a traditional remedy against infections and other urinary discomforts. Its properties were recognized in France by the Food Safety Agency .
Refreshing , its juice is well known for its virtues on the health of the urinary tract.
The assets of the Cranberry are mainly contained in the juice that is rich in tannins, flavonoids and antioxidants. Antioxidants have a beneficial effect on the whole body, especially against the effects of aging and disease against
cardiovascular .
Cranberry also contains a substance , the type A proanthocyanidin (PAC A) , it is this substance that acts for the relief and prevention of urinary disorders.
A CAP prevents bacteria Escherichia coli from adhering to the bladder (the proliferation of bacteria that causes urinary tract infections and other genes ) , allowing their removal by natural means.

Cranberry : aid effectiveness against pain and urinary genes!

Indeed, several serious studies have proved that consuming Cranberry juice helps reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections in young women, but also in older women .
Regular consumption of Cranberry provides protection against bacteria resistant to antibiotics.
Indeed, repeated and sometimes inappropriate use of antibiotics against bacteria has the effect of making them more resistant and thus significantly reduce the effectiveness of treatment .

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Cranberry Complex
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