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ThéraCrampes Spray Night Cramps

ThéraCrampes Spray Night Cramps
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FINAL solution against nocturnal cramps !
In France , nearly 1 in 3 people complain about comfort problems in the legs and night cramps ...
What is a nocturnal cramp ?
Cramps are intense contractions , involuntary and extremely unpleasant a muscle or muscle group.
The most common cramp is the " cramp sports " , caused by excessive lactic acid or a lack of preparation production.
"Night cramps " , however, remains a relatively unknown form . Yet more than 18 million * adults in France, 57% of women and 26 % of men complain of comfort problems
leg cramps that night .
Unlike the " cramp sports " , night cramp causes discomfort without a direct link with a particular effort , it is completely unpredictable ... and the sharp discomfort that accompanies it does not necessarily disappear with a simple stretching or massaging the affected muscle .
What are the symptoms ?
Night cramp is the result of a bad flow in the legs .
Needless to then describe the violence with which the discomfort will take you several minutes or several hours , but you can not do anything to relieve effectively.
Night cramp immobilizes you, twists , you ground the muscle ... with this terrible feeling of tearing the flesh.

THERA CRAMPS , for whom?
THERA CRAMPS is open to all persons who have made or may have symptoms or signs of nocturnal cramps ( cramps or diurnal )
Persons who have chronic problems of comfort in the legs.
elderly people suffering from cramps due to old age.
people with overweight.
sports ...
People are regularly sitting or prolonged standing , especially for their work.
Spray or capsules, THERA CRAMPS has become an essential aid in easing but especially in anticipation cramps.

Spray of 50 ml

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