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Prostagenol Prostate Care

Prostagenol Prostate Care
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Well-being of all people through a healthy prostate.

Preserving your VIRILITY and your PROSTATE . ACT quickly!

Your urinary comfort provided by PROSTAGENOL Specially designed for this purpose , PROSTAGENOL étémis has developed from many scientific publications have shown that natural substances can stop the unrest in early or atleast contribute to delay
changes to help you find the joy of living normally day and night , while preserving your manhood!

PROSTATE a taboo subject ? NO because the important thing is to act in time .

PROSTAGENOL : a synergy of actions 5 active ingredients carefully proportioned : to help reduce the most troublesome problems.

SAW PALMETTO BERRIES : Or Small Palm Tree Florida, one of the assets most renowned because of its effectiveness quickly soothe the first signs : urgent need to urinate day and night , micturition disorders ( small losses after urinating ), feeling
that the bladder is not completely empty ...
NETTLE ROOT : Using the root of stinging nettles is supported by numerous clinical studies and described in traditional medicine. The main properties are claimed diuretic , antispasmodic , anti -allergic and hemostatic . Its use in the symptomatic treatment of micturition disorders ( nocturia , polyuria, urinary retention) associated with BPH, presents a recent innovation. In the Journal of medical herbalism , PATTEN reported the use of nettle root in rheumatism and sciatica.
Fireweed : A green stem and well trained , which was widely used by riders from Germany and Russia to decongest and stimulate the male force. Various publications show that the species of the genus Epilobium ( a plant used in Central Europe) has been studied for its anti- 5-alpha- reductase and aromatase inhibitor activities, two enzymes involved in the etiology of BPH . Two main macromolecules oenothéineAet oenotheine B, responsible for the inhibition of both enzymes have been isolated and studied.
ZINC : The role of zinc and its action on the prostate are described in the literature advocating its use in the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy . The prostate gland is an organ which stores and zinc whose concentration is proportional to the amount of the alveolar tissue . The prostate seems to bring the zinc human sperm and thus play an important role in the metabolic activity of sperm.
VITAMIN E: For its anti-aging and anti- oxidant properties. Vitamin E is in fact used as a fat soluble antioxidant . It acts as a free radical scavenger , it interrupts the propagation of lipid oxidation ( by neutralizing isolated radicals , ending chain reactions ) . Its use in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia has recently been the subject of a work considered positive by the authors.

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