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Effiness DiureDiuretic Line Express Slimming Program 10 Days

Effiness DiureDiuretic Line Express Slimming Program 10 Days

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Effiness diureligne anti-water retention - scientifically proven effectiveness !

Did you know ?

The water retention, referred to as edema, resulting in an excessive accumulation of water in the body, which is not able to eliminate it. Therefore, the water stored in the tissues, which can cause swelling of the external. These swellings are for the most part in the ankles and feet, but can also reach the stomach and thighs. You should know that water makes up 65 % of our total weight normally. However, in case of water retention, this percentage is much higher, the body being excessively charged with water, causing weight gain.

Effiness diureligne : three simultaneous actions on water retention in order to initiate weight loss.

Diureligne is a synergized at Cacti-Nea complex, a natural and original active extract from prickly pear, diuretic effects and clinically proven anti-swelling. Thanks to its specific formula and its cacti-graph active diureligne will earn 3 slimming actions: drainage, anti-swelling and anti-stress.


Effiness DIURELIGNE through the Cacti-Nea has a draining effect demonstrated by a clinical study, women with poor water retention. Indeed weight loss of up to 2.6 kg of body water is found. In addition, 65% say they have less water retention after the 10-day course including increased urine volume which reflects the increase in the elimination of excess water retained in 55 % of subjects. Diuretics and draining these effects will therefore play a key role in weight loss really targeting the problem.


The anti- swelling Effiness DIURELIGNE through the Cacti-Nea effect, was put forward by the same clinical study concludes that a significant reduction in waist and ankle. There is less swelling thighs in 78.6 % of subjects in the belly 71.4 % of subjects and ankles , arms, fingers in 57.1 % of them. Effiness DIURELIGNE helps you to drain the excess water in relieving the strategic points of water storage in the tissues creating a filtering silhouette.


Effiness DIURELIGNE through its assets, rhodiola, affects cortisol, a steroid hormone secreted under stress, which directly impacts on water retention. Cortisol, in addition to its adverse effects on blood pressure or the immune system, resulting in a mineralocorticoid effect (decreased potassium and increased sodium) responsible for water retention. The content in Rhodiola Effiness DIURELIGNE naturally regulates cortisol levels in the blood to better manage stress and therefore an anti- water retention effect.

Box of 10 single doses
Flavor : Tutti frutti

Data sheet
Effiness DiureLigne
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Eau purifiée, extrait de figue de Barbarie (Cacti-Nea™) (supports : maltodextrine, silice), extrait de Piloselle - plante entière, gluconate de potassium, extrait de Cassis - feuille, extrait de racine de Rhodiola, arômes, édulcorant : extrait de Stevia r

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