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SX-Max Sexual Stimulant

SX-Max Sexual Stimulant

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Stories of men , stories of couples ... Erectile dysfunction : who does it happen? At any man!

Erectile dysfunction , causing sexual dysfunction can affect every man, couple. A number of factors contribute to or worsen erectile dysfunction. It can therefore occur in any man, especially in cases of fatigue, stress, intake of alcohol or tobacco, or in case of serious illness.

Surveys done on the subject are used to encrypt 3 million men in France who suffer from erectile dysfunction. But certain factors and diseases predisposing : Age , smoking, alcohol, diabetes, hypertension , heart disease, increased cholesterol , depression. However , natural and effective assistance are available. They allow man to regain his quality of life and harmony within his marriage.

SX -MAX is a naturally occurring dietary supplement containing extracts of plants , Taurine , L- arginine and vitamins . The effervescent SX -MAX provides a better bioavailability of the active for instant and maximum effect :

• Extract and Siberian Ginseng Ginseng: excellent tonic for the body, these plants are called " adaptogen ", that is to say, they increase in general and non-specific resistance of the organism to various stresses that affect it. Several studies attest to their effectiveness in stimulating sexual function , including erectile function.
• Extract Muira Puama : Muira puama The naturally stimulates the hormonal system, strengthens the body's resistance . Several studies have shown the effectiveness of muira puama in improving sexual function. This is a great physical and intellectual stimulant .
• Taurine: Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid derivative naturally synthesized by the body , but in limited quantities acid. Potent antioxidant and protector of cell membranes, it acts as a regulator of electrical activity in the brain and muscles , thus improving the transmission of nerve impulses , alertness, muscle contraction and heart tone . It promotes energy production "long life" from fat , acts as a general " anti -fatigue " and as a regenerative muscle tone. It also stimulates the reproductive functions.
• L- Arginine : amino semi-essential acid , arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide. Low levels of nitric oxide in the body harms the inflow of blood needed for an erection. Studies have shown that the arginine intake effectively improved sexual function .
• Vitamins C and E: Their synergistic antioxidant actions help to fight against cellular aging and the body, and therefore against the various disorders associated with age, affecting in particular the prostate at age 40 , with consequences for various disorders sex . Vitamin E also has vasodilatory properties that cause erection , helps nerve conduction and the right balance of spermatogenesis.

Do not wait to take care of a simple, natural and effective your sexual failures. Find more vigorous and prolonged erections , increased desire for a more fulfilling SEX LIFE .

SX -MAX is not a drug, it is 100 % natural solution without side effects and without risking your health.

Directions for use: one tablet per day diluted in a glass of water and drink preferably in the evening . Program 15 days .

Presentation: inviolable tube labeled 15 effervescent tablets

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Plantes, Taurine, L-arginine et Vitamines.

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