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EczeDerm Omega 9 Cream

EczeDerm Omega 9 Cream

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Problems Eczema : ultra dry skin , itching ... increase with age !

Act naturally every day! Cream Omega 9 is a complex incredible asset to help you find a soft and clear skin damaged by time.

Dull complexion and gray mine :

With age, ultra dry skin problems are becoming more frequent. This affects all skin types, and generally increases with age . The skin can become dehydrated in effect regardless of their genetic characteristics : fat (high sebaceous secretions ) or not, thick or thin , sensitive ( allergic to certain substances) or not . This physiological disorder is manifested by the appearance of " plates skins " rough , often accompanied by flaking , redness, itching , which can appear both on the face, on the arms, legs, hands ...

Under what circumstances do we use eczederm ?

When the skin "pulls" in everyday life, feelings of discomfort are sometimes difficult to bear ... In addition, a number of external factors often exacerbate the situation , including:

- Exposure to the sun and pollution
- Hot water, which dissolves the natural oils of the skin
- Irritants products : soaps, certain cosmetics , cleaning products ...
- Very cold temperatures, because there is less moisture in the air.
- The heating in winter and the lack of moisture inside.
- Dietary imbalances ...

SPECIAL SKIN DESICCATED : True daily caress , cream Omega 9 is for people who want a spa treatment and anti-aging ... Thanks to its moisturizing and restorative action, the complex NEW ECZEDERM provides your skin immediate comfort and lasting regeneration. Cream with Omega 9 for optimal hydration .

ECZEDERM OMEGA 9, a unique composition ! Naturally vegetable oils rich in Omega 9 fatty acids, associated with properties of glycerin, shea butter , aloe and vitamin E, are the main assets ECZEDERM a unique moisturizing cream strong , restructuring and refreshing, specially formulated to restore the hydro-lipid balance of the skin . Ideally it strengthens the skin barrier of your skin against daily aggressions (sun, wind, cold, pollution ...) .

Usage Tips : Daily and whenever the need arises , apply on the affected areas on a clean and dry skin a hazelnut cream ECZEDERM the Omega 9. Its formulation is highly concentrated, just a pearl . Gently massage in small circular movements for optimal skin revitalization . The results are shown in a very short time . Satisfaction guaranteed + income !

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