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Organic Silicon V3 Capsules for Joints and Bone Strength

Organic Silicon V3 Capsules for Joints and Strength ...
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Refresh your capital in organic silicon !

Organic silicon , what is it?

Silicon is an essential trace element for the proper functioning of our body. It contains a capital of 7 g on average twice as much iron and copper and other trace elements. Tissue , cartilage, organs ... In our body , silicon is present everywhere : in tissues ( vascular , bone , adipose ) , cartilage , organs and glands, vascular walls, the muscle fibers , the enamel ... Our daily needs are estimated at between 20 and 50 mg per day. Unfortunately our silicon capital decreases from 80% sexual maturity. And irreversibly because our body does not manufacture and absorbs with difficulty.

Organic silicon , what is it ?

When our body experiences a deficiency of silicon, the consequences are rapid aging of the skin and blood vessels, bone and joint disorders, decreased functional capacity of the organization ... A biological role Silicon plays an important biological role and physiological activities are diverse. It is a major element of the supporting structures of the body and is involved , among others, in the formation of bone , cartilage , skin , hair and nails. It provides a synthesizer role skeletal strength : its role in calcification is paramount since calcium needs for silicon , teaming with vitamin C , making the famous and necessary collagen that makes all our flexible and soft tissue ( bones, arteries , tendons, cartilage , etc. . ) . It helps to bind calcium and is therefore recommended in fractures because it promotes bone formation and shortens the time required for consolidation. Strengthen cartilage Work Carlise and HENRY confirmed that silicon concentration intervened systematically near areas of extensive calcification. It helps to strengthen the various cartilages and quickly . It reduces the frequency of tendinitis and tendon rupture , especially in sports . With its remineralizing and detoxifying action , it also helps in the recovery of a good joint mobility, reduction in pain and prevents bone loss . It stimulates new collagen synthesis of collagen contained in the bone and connective tissues and facilitates the reconstitution of cartilage destruction in the joint diseases . It naturally lubricates joints and thus reduces the natural friction. Finally , its role in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus offers a triple toning, moisturizing and antioxidant , skin .

Where to find naturally organic silicon ?

One can find silicon in our diet. But soluble silicon is hardly absorbed by our intestine which equates to 10 % less . As against , under its " organic " form that is to say associated with carbon atoms and hydrogen , it is absorbable in more than 65% .

Silicon V3, a proprietary formula .

SILICON V3 is made from an innovative form of silicon , organic and colloidal , highly bioavailable to a greater and better assimilation. The formula also contains: Bamboo, which is the richest in silicon plant ( 70%), especially in young shoots. It is traditionally used as remineralizing , alternating with horsetail . Of Horsetail, recognized in the renewal of connective tissue , due to its high silicon. This plant is traditionnelement used to relieve joint pain. The Nettle, well known to the Greeks and Romans who used it to relieve joints, stimulate hair growth and strengthen blood vessels .

Directions for use: With this new hygienic and convenient dosage form, take your capsules Silicon V3 everywhere. Presented in a blister, they slip easily into your bag to avoid oversights!

60 capsules

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