Kidney and Urinary Tract Nettle Soup

Kidney and Urinary Tract Nettle Soup

Kidney and Urinary Tract Nettle Soup
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Nettle , a natural solution to strengthen the entire body !

Did you know ?

Known Gauls and Romans, precious plant since antiquity , nettle has always been part of our pharmacopoeia . Common plant of our countryside and our gardens, feared for his bites , nettle is known for its immense benefits . Greek Dioscorides ( Greek physician and botanist from the 1st century BC) was used as a purgative and purifying . Paracelsus , the famous physician of the Renaissance nettle reserved a special place in his preparations . After more than a century of contempt , it is now rehabilitated and tonic qualities are recognized , regulator of blood and stimulating digestive functions . Nettle was commonly used externally or internally for its restorative qualities , calming , aphrodisiac , astringent and antihistamines. And around the world, from Brazil to Germany , India, the United States , via Peru , nettle is honored . In mineralizing incomparable mineral wealth (iron, silica , magnesium, calcium , etc.) nettle promotes bone and joint welfare , it also allows you to recover good mobility . Nettle provides a beneficial effect on all the collagen-containing tissues , including bone . Nettle is worn on the cartilage of people with joint discomfort . Through its action more beneficial to the flexibility of tendons , joints and skin , many professionals recommend it to ease tendonitis, contractures .

Nettle cleans, dissolves , sanitizes

Nettle is known to flush kidneys and urinary tract in case of anomaly . Thanks to its high chlorophyll , it is used for its purifying and diuretic properties. It would drain naturally and the liver and kidneys , and its purifying effect is mainly used in the treatment of various skin problems and in purifying cures Spring . In addition , it acts on the digestive secretions to boost slow digestion .

How to enjoy the benefits of soup Nettles ?

You could of course go pick yourself your nettles ! Easier , we have prepared for you a delicious soup rich nettle vegetables.
• Ready in just a minute : each bag is individually packaged and can be prepared at home , in the office , on the road ...
• Full of vegetables: good for health Our soup that does not contain nettle . It also contains potato, carrot, leek , onion, tomato , peas , celery, garlic and parsley.
• Rich in fiber and minerals : it promotes healthy regulation of intestinal transit and a good nutritional balance.
• Low in fat : it is low in calories served hot , it is consumed slowly and quickly satiated . This promotes good control of energy intake during the meal .
• Ideal for hydration It allows those who do not drink enough water throughout the day to hydrate regularly. Served cold , it cools and refreshes .

When is it that I can enjoy my soup Nettles ?

Nettles Soup is the original way to make a detoxifying treatment at each change of season (especially in spring) while enjoying the countless benefits of vegetables ...

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