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Medicafarm ArniCryo Spray Muscles and Joints

Medicafarm ArniCryo Spray Muscles and Joints

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RNAi Phytotherapy CRYO + cryotherapy relief in one pschit !

There is no need to submit the list of the countless benefits of ARNICA MONTANA (pain, sores of all kinds, muscle stiffness ... ) . This ancient plant is used as a local application massage, in granules ...

It is combining the benefits of cryotherapy and NUTRI EXPERT ARNICA that offers an exclusive and exceptionally effective formula ! Regularly used by athletes to high level (hitting, recurrent pain ... ) , cryotherapy and ARNICA ASSOCIATED allow you to treat your stiffness and joint discomfort , aches and pains of all kinds , beatings ...

The Arnica Montana is a perennial orange yellow flowers that grows wild in mountainous regions. It is traditionally used for centuries to treat pain associated with shock ( bruises, bumps ... ) and muscle fatigue ( cramps, aches, ... ), but also used in herbal medicine for its calming and soothing on joints and tendons genes . Bruises, bumps , muscle fatigue? 43% of French people think spontaneously Arnica .

Cryotherapy existed since ancient times but it is only since the 1970s that by applying cold ice pack or cold spray , began to interest scientists. It is now used extensively in recent years for the recovery of high level athletes to relieve pain such as sprains , tendonitis, muscle strains , blows. Including many U.S. studies have shown that cold therapy is undoubtedly very effective in reducing medication ( such as painkillers ... ) in the treatment of postoperative pain. With continuous treatment , cryotherapy is also very effective in the symptomatic treatment of arthritis and joint pain without the side effects of anti -inflammatory .

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