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Garlic Olivier Hawthorn Cholesterol Level

Garlic Olivier Hawthorn Cholesterol Level

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AIL OLIVIER AUBEPINE Balance Cardiovascular - Hypertension - Cholesterol

Nature has provided this kind of problem !

A good diet is the first reflex to reduce high cholesterol and promote the maintenance of the cardiovascular system : a balanced diet, low in saturated fat and lots of essential nutrients will always be the first thing against excess cholesterol : from good dietary rules, but nature can also provide valuable assistance .

The GARLIC, OLIVE and AUBEPINE association has been implemented to provide what nature offers us better. AIL OLIVIER AUBEPINE combines three natural ingredients known for their preventive properties on the cardiovascular system and blood cholesterol . Garlic, olive and hawthorn act simultaneously . Garlic helps cardiovascular health and helps control the level of cholesterol . Hawthorn helps in proper blood circulation. Hawthorn and Olivier Association promotes the right balance of blood pressure.

Ingredients: powdered flowering tops of hawthorn, garlic bulb powder , olive leaf powder , capsule (gelatin , colors: iron oxide, titanium dioxide) emulsifier: magnesium stearate , anti -caking agent: Silica .

60 capsules

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Ail Olivier Aubepine
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poudre de sommités fleuries d’aubépine, poudre de bulbe d’ail, poudre de feuille d’olivier, gélule (gélatine, colorants : oxyde de fer, dioxyde de titane) émulsifiant : stéarate de magnésium, anti-agglomérant : silice.

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