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Procapil'Hair Anti-DHT Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Procapil'Hair Anti-DHT Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo
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The first care against hereditary alopecia . Anti -DHT activity specifically targeted to combat baldness genetic.

Physiology of hair - Hippocrates : In the fifth century BC , the famous Greek physician Hippocrates had already noted that eunuchs never become bald , baldness guessing and was under the direct control of a specifically male factor . This relevant observation is the idea , still widespread , that bald men were particularly manly since apparently better with testosterone , the hormone of masculinity. In reality , the problem is a little more complex ...

Androgenic alopecia affects 20 % of men aged 20 and increases by 10 % per decade , which means that more than half of men at age 50 are affected . However, this alopecia , as its name might suggest , is not just the men, although women are , indeed , far less involved - so the phenomenon usually occurs after menopause.

To understand the causes of alopecia, we must first remember that the life cycle of the hair is divided into three phases:

- The anagen phase ( 3-7 years) corresponds to the phase of hair growth ;
- The catagen phase ( about 3 weeks) marks the end of the hair growth ;
- The telogen phase ( 3-4 months) is characterized by regression of the bulbar area ending with the final fall of the hair.

Molecule dihydrotestosterone :

Three months after the fall of the hair, a new cycle begins in the germinal zone of the hair follicle and a new asset grows in turn . This cycle is repeated about 25 times in our lives.

The different phases of alopecia :

The different phases of this cycle are in the complex dependence of many hormones , but one of them , dihydrotestosterone ( DHT or ) if present in large quantities in the scalp accelerates abnormally this physiological cycle . Therefore, the growth cycle is reduced , the hair becomes thinner and alopecia appears gradually .


PROCAPIL'HAIR Why is it effective ? Because it addresses the three main causes of common alopecia :

- Androgen question via inhibition of 5a- reductase, the enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT ,
- Circulatory cause, promoting blood micro- circulation in the scalp, without which hair regrowth can not be optimal ,
- The mechanical cause reinforcing the anchoring of the hair at the root sheath of the epidermis .

To ensure this triple action PROCAPIL'HAIR was designed as a combination of three synergistic assets :

- Vitamin A peptide : the GHK - Biotinyl : The GHK - Biotinyl consists of the combination of a peptide sequence ( Hystidyl - Glycyl -Lysine ) coupled with high activity to follicular vitamin B7 , biotin also known . This vitamin plays an essential role in the metabolism of the hair as a deficiency it leads to alopecia and dermatitis.
- From apigenin extracted from grapefruit (Citrus maxima) : Apigenin is a natural molecule belonging to the family of flavonoids, compounds with a strong anti -oxidant and a vasculoprotective activity. Extracted from various plants , especially the bark of grapefruit , apigenin , contributing to the expansion of capillaries , provides better micro- circulation in the hairline .
- From oleanic acid extract of the leaves of the olive tree (Olea europaea) : Extract from the common olive ( Olea europaea) , the oleanic acid is a naturally occurring molecule known as a potent inhibitor of 5a- reductase, the enzyme responsible transformation of testosterone into DHT . As we have seen, the DHT is the main cause of androgenic alopecia , due to its negative activity on the physiological hair cycle .

Clinical trials :

Clinical trials have lasted four months and collected 35 male volunteers divided into two groups : the first group using placebo , the second receiving treatment PROCAPIL'HAIR .

The results show :

- Activation of the hair growth of 121 %
- A significant delay hair aging by 46%
- A better microscopic anchor the hair shaft.

Specifically targeting androgenic alopecia, the new technology allows PROCAPIL'HAIR at once :

- To stop hair loss ,
- Promote new hair growth ,
- To strengthen the hair and prolong their growth cycle.

Recommendations for use :

This shampoo is the essential complement to the lotion PROCAPIL'HAIR first care of the Claude Bell Institute for fight against hair loss hereditary kind. You use the shampoo every 2 or 3 days, depositing the value of a walnut on wet hair. Lather gently massaging the scalp without rubbing then let stand 3-4 minutes before rinsing with warm water. In addition to the shampoo you use lotion PROCAPIL'HAIR daily.

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