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Argan Roll-On Anti-Stretch Marks Concentrate

Argan Roll-On Anti-Stretch Marks Concentrate
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Anti-stretch mark remedy. For use in the treatment or prevention for women waiting for a happy event , practitioners bodybuilding ...

Stretch marks get their name from their appearance reminiscent of scars caused by batons ( " yards " in Old French ) . In fact, they are real skin trauma , the consequences of the deterioration of the elastic structure of the dermis due to sudden stretching of the skin as they usually occur during pregnancy, puberty or following a diet.

Stretch marks appear suddenly , then slowly changing to a purplish pink ivory white appearance, sometimes pearly . Unfortunately, they usually disappear forever and , as such , are seen as a calamity which it happen willingly .

Note that contrary to popular belief , men are not spared by stretch marks , although the prevalence is lower for them : puberty, obesity and intensive weight training (especially the shoulders, torso and arms ) are then triggers.


Our CONCENTRATE ANTI- STRETCH MARKS contains argan oil, universally recognized for its great dermo- protective properties . Argan ( Argana spinosa ) is a thorny tree of the family saponify that grows only in parts of Morocco and Algeria . Naturally built to survive an arid environment argan is a chunky but very resilient , ideally suited to long periods of drought due to its almost evergreen and deep roots.

The flowers of the argan tree , pale , give rise to a yellow fleshy fruit (called " affiache ") whose kernel is used to make the famous Argan oil. This rich in unsaturated essential fatty acids and vitamin E, one of the world's most expensive oil is known for its many dermo- protective properties.

The triple action CONCENTRATE ANTI- STRETCH MARKS helps both to fight against the appearance of stretch marks and effectively reduce existing stretch marks.

Clinical trials :

Clinical tests conducted show :

- A decrease in the depth of stretch marks by 72 %
- An increase in dermal thickness by 11% ,
- A reduction in the area of 29 % of the stretch marks .

Recommendations for use :

Our CONCENTRATE ANTI- STRETCH is in the form of a roll-on , optimal formulation to better target the treatment area , monitor and remove focused on stretchmarks . Needless to spread with hands , concentrate rapidly penetrates beneath the skin.

1 roll-on 50 ml

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