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ColonDetox Transit Intestinal Detoxifier

ColonDetox Transit Intestinal Detoxifier
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Colon, centerpiece of your Health !

The polluter modern life of our organization

Evil of the new century, junk food: nowadays, our staple food is increasingly unbalanced. This food pollution prevents the proper management of waste from your body, the number would exceed the processing capacity. The important use of drugs and self-medication are important and negative role on the Health of your digestive system! Pollution linked to our city life extends to the core of your body, which stores HEAVY METALS, Dioxin, HIGHLY TOXIC SUBSTANCES ...

It's no secret: the bowel is central to the proper functioning of your body, especially your COLON, whose mission is both to assimilate nutrients and eliminate "waste". The large intestine acts as a filter. It naturally removes waste from the body. But it is still necessary to have a healthy and balanced life. The food too greasy, too sweet or too salty, pollution, stress ... Every day, the body accumulates toxins from its environment, in addition to metabolic waste (ammonia, uric acid ...).

A COLON Safe and Clean ...

The organization has disposal systems which it is important to maintain proper operation.

- For a Healthy and Clean Colon
- Maintains the functions "detoxifying" the body
- For the Wellness & Comfort Intestinal

Colon Detox contains natural active ingredients such as Chlorella, the ISPAGHUL, Licorice root, the juice of Aloes, the highlight of Clove, Gentian root; with complementary effects to help maintain a clean and healthy colon.

Colon Detox combines several natural active ingredients:

- The unicellular green alga Chlorella small freshwater Purifying and detoxifying. It has the ability to absorb toxins and helps remove heavy metals from the body. It contributes to the functioning of the liver, gall bladder and kidneys are the organs "excretory" responsible disposal. In addition, it maintains the energy and tone.
- The integument (envelope) of Ispaghul part of the species of plantain from India. He is known to maintain healthy digestion. It contributes to the proper functioning of the intestinal transit.
- The Licorice Root turn is traditionally used to aid digestion and contributes to the comfort of the digestive system.
- The Clove has anti-oxidant properties and helps maintain proper digestion.
- The Root of Gentian makes you feel better after a hearty meal. It aids digestion.

Ingredients: capsule (gelatin, colorants iron oxide, titanium dioxide), wheat bran powder (gluten), tegument powder ispaghula, liquorice root powder, juice powder of leaves of aloe vera powder clove, gentian root powder, chlorella powder, emulsifier: magnesium stearate, anti-caking agent: silica.

1 pill box of 60 capsules

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