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SoluRonfl Night Snoring Spray

SoluRonfl Night Snoring Spray

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SYNERGY ASSET for a peaceful night: Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, Peppermint and Sea Salt

Sitting on a selection of natural active ingredients from its organic range, the new formula uses SOLURONFL'SOMMEIL these core assets spray SOLURONFL 'by strengthening its formula with adequate dosing MELATONINE, MELISSE and other orange flowers.

General information about the snoring:

QUESTION 1: What are the origins of snoring?

Several factors cause a steady snoring: Snoring may be due to overweight (70% of cases). Snoring will also increase with age, because of the sagging tissues of the upper airway. Although between 30 and 50 years are mainly affected men (60% of cases), after 60 years, this difference fades. Finally, snoring can come from a nasal septum deviation. But snoring phenomenon can also occur occasionally, following an airway obstruction especially in case of cold or allergy, or even during an alcohol or sleeping pills before bed. In all these cases, and whatever the origin of your problem, your only wish is to find a complete, effective and non-binding.

QUESTION 2: Snoring, a mechanical phenomenon?

Snoring happens during sleep, when the air has trouble passing between the soft tissue of the palate and uvula, causing them to vibrate. This phenomenon occurs mainly in inspiration, but may also occur during part of exhalation. More tissue relax, or more the air passage is difficult, the risk of snoring is important.


SOLURONFL 'SPRAY comes against the second main factor of snoring: the nasal obstructions or PERMANENT CASUAL. SOLURONFL 'SPRAY will line the mucous membrane of the nasal cavities. With the gradual release of assets, its action will last throughout the night to open the airways and improve air passage. ESSENTIAL OIL PEPPERMINT of is known for its vasoconstrictor properties (microcirculation reduction) which helps tone the tissues, thus improving the flow of air. Xanthan gum is known for its lubricating effects and will help the gradual release of assets. ALOE involved in cellular regeneration and thus has a tightening effect on the muscles and mucosa. SOLURONFL 'can also be ingested in TABLETS if you want to reinforce the action of SPRAY. Both products act in synergy and increase efficiency. Useful for heavy snorers.

FOR MORE QUIET NIGHTS! SOLURONFL 'SPRAY synergy of natural active ...

 2 sprays per night quietly
• spoke against the second main factor of snoring: the nasal obstructions
• Certified Quality Guarantee
• A formulation with natural ingredients: peppermint, eucalyptus, aloe vera and sea salt

The benefits SOLURONFL 'SPRAY:

Synergistic Action strengthened on one of the two main sources of snoring through natural active ingredients:

• Hydrolat EUCALYPTUS: known for its decongestant properties
• Aloe Vera: helps to find better breathing by opening airways
• ESSENTIAL OIL PEPPERMINT DEMENTHE: Extend the air passage toning tissues
• SEA SALT: will exert a purifying respiratory

4 good reasons to try SOLURONFL 'SPRAY:

- Helps reduce snoring
- Instant Efficiency
- Promotes better breathing
- Helps you sleep

Spray before bedtime ... Fall asleep easily and peacefully!

Usage tips :

2 sprays at bedtime. Snap the tip on the bottle before the first use. Spray the spray 2 times in the throat before bedtime and repeat at night if necessary. Clean the mouthpiece with water after use.
Composition: Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, Peppermint and Sea Salt

1 spray of 20 ml

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SoluRonfl Spray
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Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, Menthe poivrée et Sel de mer
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