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Libido Women Sex Lubricant Gel to Facilitate Pleasure

Libido Women Sex Lubricant Gel to Facilitate Pleasure

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Decreased libido ? Lack of desire ? Natural solutions exist ...

Sexuality also combines the feminine. But when the desire is not to go ...

Female sexual dysfunction ( TSF ) cover a very heterogeneous set of problems : lack of desire , delay or absence of orgasm , sexual aversion , pain during or before or after the report. Despite this very general definition, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported an impressive frequency of these disorders. According to the survey conducted by sociologists, 43% of women suffer from TSF.

While sexuality plays a major role in the relationship, sometimes the desire fails. If a lack of sexual enthusiasm can be found naturally by the moments and events of life, a significant and lasting change can raise questions .

The first signs of decreased libido begin to appear from 30 years , because of the stress of everyday life at first , accented in a second time by physiological hormonal changes that can cause a multitude of problems in the origin of female sexual dysfunction : vaginal dryness, circulatory impairment in the erogenous zones. And with the onset of menopause , hormonal changes are even more important . While some women are resigned , the majority do not react well . Sexuality is a part of life that we do not want to give up, to balance and joy of living it provides, especially as natural and effective solutions exist.

GEL lubricant: The Libido Women gel brings you unparalleled comfort! It combines natural active ingredients specially selected for a specific formulation. 100% paraben free.

GEL stimulant: The Libido Women gel fulfills its primary function of lubrication but above energizes and significantly increases the sensations and thanks to the presence of Eleutherococcus. Each application will promote perfect lubrication while stimulating intense your feelings!

Limit discomfort during intercourse: Vaginal dryness is a very common disorder Female: 1 in 3 women has vaginal dryness. Indeed, the woman is subjected to fluctuating hormones (pills, postpartum period, menopause ...) and these fluctuations can result in vaginal dryness that can cause a real discomfort during intercourse sexual. This disorder can happen at any age. Women libido is a fluid lubricant gel based on water that comes in contact with the body fluid and the perfect complement. Its hypoallergenic formula, no coloring, no odor, contains an extract of Siberian Ginseng. Each application will promote perfect lubrication while stimulating your senses intensely.

Hypoallergenic and 100% PARABEN: We have developed a completely natural ultra gentle formula, guaranteed without paraben, used on all parts of the body ... The Libido Women gel hypoallergenic formula contains a powerful synergistic Siberian ginseng extract soluble guarantees maximum stimulation. This allows you a regular and repeated use without any risk.
Odorless, colorless and non-greasy, it is compatible with the use of condoms and accessories, unlike fatty substances such qu'huile, Vaseline ...

Presentation: 50 ml tube

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