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Grey Away Anti-Gray Hair Spray

Grey Away Anti-Gray Hair Spray

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Anti- Gray Hair Spray . The radical solution of the Claude Bell Institute against gray hair. Satisfaction with close to 100% cure!

GREY AWAY is a revolutionary treatment to make white hair to its original color . The treatment is simple , fast and without embarrassment. Daily use between 14 and 28 days, in the morning on dry hair will re- pigment naturally and gradually hair. Thereafter , that is to say, after 28 days, simply use once a week is necessary to prevent the root pushes new white hair.

Why does hair go gray ?

Actually the hair does not turn gray , but white ! This is an optical illusion due to the mixture of colored hair and white hair . Thus , the hair appears increasingly gray gradually as the percentage of gray hair increases. The phenomenon of bleaching hair is called baldness . White hair grows when it is no longer pigmented melanocytes when no longer able to pass melanin to keratinocytes , cells constituting the epidermis for most .
Melanin is a naturally occurring molecule produced by special cells called melanocytes located mainly in the epidermis and whose primary role is to protect the skin from UV solar radiation . This melanin is a colored substance (also called a " pigment" ), it gives the tissues that contain (skin, but also hair) a more or less intense coloration depending on the amount present .

Grey Away and the memory of the hair :

Wasabia japonica . There a few years ago , the lab developed a formula that gradually re- pigmented hair : the AWAY GREY.
This treatment has as a main asset of root extracts of Wasabia japonica , a perennial plant of the family Brassicaceae growing naturally along rivers and mountain streams in Japan.
The other ingredients are there to stabilize the assets, ensure efficiency and bring him GREY AWAY its ??cosmetic qualities .
The assets present in soluble form in the product and penetrates upon application in the stem dry hair. In the following , deposition and oxidation-reduction reaction occur minutes , reacting with the active hair keratin . It becomes insoluble and gives a dark color. Once precipitated in this form it is stable and remains fixed . The coloration is variable depending on the number of applications, therefore the amount of active that binds .
There is to our knowledge of known natural regeneration of shade explanation , but this is typically seen with this type of asset. We can therefore speak of " memory hair " .

Clinical trials :

The results of clinical trials demonstrate in vivo :

- A loss of gray hair by 46% after 14 days of treatment,
- A loss of gray hair by 83 % after 28 days of treatment,
- A satisfaction rate close to 100% treatment.

The in vitro clinical trials show , meanwhile , progressive recoloring hair subjected to tests.

Recommendations for use :

In course of attack, you apply the spray every morning on your dry hair, without special precautions. This morning application is preferred by the positive action of sunlight on the effectiveness of the active ingredient . This daily treatment will last between 14 and 28 days , until your hair has regained its natural color .
In maintenance treatment , you will use GREY AWAY once a week to maintain the color found .
GREY AWAY contains no lead acetate, parabens .

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