Effiderm Sérum Miracle Contour des Yeux à l'Osilift Nutriexpert - 1
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Effiderm Miracle Eye Contour Serum with Osilift

Effiderm Miracle Eye Contour Serum with Osilift

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Effiderm Miracle Serum "Eye Contour" with Osilift® - Proven Efficacy

Active ingredients 100% of natural origin - Formula tested under dermatological control

Particularly fragile zone, the fine and delicate epidermis of the outline of the eye marks and irritates easily. With a light and non-greasy feel, the Miracle Serum - Eye Contour Lift Effiderm Visage protects this sensitive area from pollution and other external aggressions responsible for aging skin. By targeting the signs of age, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to its cocktail of selected plants, it decongests, soothes and blends the marks of fatigue by smoothing puffiness and dark circles. The look is fresh and rested, his youth preserved.

Vegetable glycerine 13.00%

Glycerin is used in the composition of many cosmetic products for its moisturizing properties, in particular in products intended for skin subjected to external aggressions causing their imbalance.

Blueberry floral water 5.00%

The blueberry floral water effectively decongests swollen and sore eyes. It is also an excellent concealer, it clears the signs of fatigue and gives a good boost to the dull complexion. It is highly appreciated by people who have sensitive and fragile skin, and therefore perfectly matches the eyes, which it refreshes and illuminates.

Osilift® Branched Sugars of Oats (Avena sativa) 4.00%

Purified extract of organic oats consisting of branched polymers (sugars)

Of very high molecular weight. They form a network that adheres to the surface of the skin into a lifting, continuous and cohesive biological film. Osilift® has a demonstrated tightening and lifting effect,

Level of the feet of goose: 82% of the users feel an immediate tensor effect, which is demonstrated by measurement, 2h after application (1). The skin around the eye is firmer, toned and smoothed.

Glycerine extract of Hamamelis (Hamamelis virginiana) 2.00%

Hamamelis is a very common shrub of the forests of Quebec and the northeastern United States, where it easily resists negative temperatures. Purifying and soothing, it relieves the irritations of the skin. Tonic and circulatory, it activates micro-circulation, favoring the reduction of dark circles, and firmens the skin. It is especially advised in the care of delicate skin, like that of the eye contour.

Glycerine Extract of Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) 2.00%

Known to be one of the best antioxidants, green tea contains many polyphenols including EGCG, which neutralize free radicals, responsible for aging. It is therefore the ideal ally of anti-aging care. Its astringent and softening effect is very appreciated for the care of sensitive skin.

Extract of Ferment (Pseudoalteromonas antarctica) 1.00%

The Pseudoalteromonas antarctica fermentation strain, found only in Antarctica, produces glycoproteins specific to the restructuring effects, which protect the fine and fragile skins from drought, promote its cohesion and regeneration, visibly reducing the depth of the wrinkles and activating The healing process in case of irritation. The effects of this active ingredient are demonstrated: cryoprotectant effects, which protect cell membranes from damage caused by cold; Activation of the synthesis of collagen (+ 128%) and elastin (+ 31%) in 15 days. ; Improvement of healing (reduction of furrow depth) in 7 days. ; Reduction of wrinkle depth by an average of 44% (up to 50%) in 30 days. (2)

Directions for use: Apply to a clean, dry skin morning and evening on the contour of the eye, from inside to outside. Tap gently with your fingers to promote product penetration.

Roll-on 15 ml in case.

Scientific references: (1) SILAB SA. Organic Avena sativa extract lifting effect: sensorial and instrumental in vivo study. 2007 (2) LIPOTEC SA. Antarcticin in vitro and in vivo efficacy. Home

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