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Moisturizing Wax for Beard and Mustache

Moisturizing Wax for Beard and Mustache

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My Green Beard wax is composed of a perfect blend of 8 ingredients for a beard that's both soft and vigorous. The ideal solution for maintaining, hydrating, nourishing, protecting, shaping and giving a bit of shine daily to your beard.

Description :

Protection of the beard against atmospheric pollution. My Green Beard Wax contains the active ingredient Cell’intact® manufactured from buckwheat seed, which is an ecological and organic ingredient.

Cell’intact is naturally rich in minerals, an ideal composition for protecting the skin from external aggression and reinforcing the skin barrier. The protection is a shield against atmospheric pollution (fine particles and diverse pollutants)

Antibacterial protection through the incorporation of Niaouli essential oil. To protect and soothe the skin from irritations.

Shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, jojoba, sesame, argan oil, and coconut for :

Hydrating by increasing the water content of the skin and beard hair.
Nourishing, softening and relaxing the hair, for a beard that is softer, silkier and better looking.
Setting and styling your beard.
Manufactured in France, without parabens, alcohol, colorants, or added perfume and never tested on animals.

Composition :

THE BUCKWHEAT : Also called "black wheat", the plant derives its Latin name (Fagopyrum) from the strong resemblance of its grains to the fruit of the Beech tree (Fagus). It belongs to the Polygonaceae family and is considered a pseudo-cereal. This highly resistant annual plant likes soil that is poor or even acid, which makes it a plant perfectly suited to organic cultivation. The buckwheat plant boasts little pinkish-white flowers that grow in tight clusters as well as slender leaves in the shape of pointed hearts, developing on reddish stems.

THE ARGAN OIL : Argan oil is extracted from the argania tree, a tree that is native to Morocco and south-western Algeria. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it is also used for its cosmetic properties. Highly nourishing, regenerative and restructuring, it is perfect for the job of beard maintenance. Often called miraculous, argan oil adds to the authenticity of an ancient beauty ritual, a universal dimension that makes it so remarkable.

THE JOJOBA OIL : Jojoba oil is in reality a liquid wax derived from jojoba seeds, also known as "wild hazel", which grows in South America. With roots that can grow to over 30 meters in length, this tree can capture humidity in dessert soil and thus resist drought. With a composition close to that of human sebum, it has a remarkable affinity for the skin and hair. Applied with regular massages, this oil will restore vigour and shine to your beard.

THE SWEET ALMOND OIL : In addition to its nourishing and hydrating virtues, sweet almond oil is especially good at helping to regulate the production of sebum. That is precisely why we use it to treat scalp or beard problems, such as dandruff. If your beard is dry, this oil is ideal for nourishing it.

THE NIAOULI ESSENTIAL OIL : The paperbark tree that is native to New Caledonia, from the Myrtaceae (myrtle) family. The virtues of the Myrtaceae plant have been known for a long time. Within certain tribes, it is traditionally used in healing. It's a natural antiseptic which you can find under the name of Gomenol in numerous pharmaceutical preparations for gargling, in toothpaste and treatments for bad breath… A very powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent, it is also known to be used as radiation protection.

THE SESAME OIL : Sesame is an annual oleaginous plant native to tropical Asia and belonging to the pedaliaceae family. It has been cultivated in Africa and in Asia for thousands of years. It may well be that sesame was moreover the first plant from which an edible oil was extracted some 3,5OO years ago in Mesopotamia. This oil easily penetrates the skin and the beard hair, softens it, protects it from ultraviolet rays, and nourishes and calms irritations.

THE BEESWAX : Beeswax possesses diverse properties that make it helpful in treating skin problems and for skincare in general. Indeed, it figures in the composition of numerous cosmetic products and balms used in the hydration and protection of cutaneous tissue (most notably because of its richness in vitamin A). It is used as :

- An ingredient in anti-rheumatism balms,
- An emollient and hydrating component in all sorts of creams and ointments (as a soothing and oxygenating skin cream),
- A protection against the sun, the cold and the wind which all serve to irritate the skin,
- An anti-inflammatory agent and cleansing product for the skin,
- A scarring agent,
- A cleanser for the scalp and support for the hair and beard.

Directions for use :

Clean and dry your beard, warm a dab of beard wax between your hands and apply it deeply to the beard, delicately massaging it in. Comb, brush and sculpt your beard.

1 metal pot of 50 ml

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