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SoluRonfl Pastilles Night Snoring 15 Pastilles

SoluRonfl Pastilles Night Snoring 15 Pastilles
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ACTIVE SYNERGY for a peaceful night:

Essential oil of Mint, Aloe Vera, Pectin and 2 Vitamins (E and B5).

The essential oil of mint supports the optimal functioning of the respiratory system.

General information about snoring:

Snoring is mainly due to sagging soft tissues of the palate and back of the throat.

FOR MORE QUIET NIGHTS! SOLURONFL a synergy of natural active ingredients ...

Thanks to its moisturizing and plumping properties, Aloe vera exerts a tightening effect on these mucous membranes, to limit their sagging and thus reduce snoring.

Pectin, naturally present in some fruits, will form a protective gel on the mucous membranes to lubricate them and encourage the sliding of the inspired and exhaled air.

Due to its vasoconstrictor properties (decreased microcirculation in the mucous membranes), mint essential oil will cause retraction of the mucous membranes of the soft tissues located at the back of the throat, so air can circulate better.

Vitamin E contributes to the hydration and toning of the oral mucosa and vitamin B5 participates in the formation and regeneration of mucous membranes.

4 good reasons to try SOLURONFL:

- Helps to reduce snoring
- Instant Efficiency
- Promotes better breathing
- Promotes your sleep

Usage tips :

A SOLURONFL tablet is suitable for a whole night. To optimize the effectiveness of the product let it slowly melt on the tongue.


Sweetener: sorbitol, Mint essential oil, anti-caking agents: silica, magnesium stearate; vitamins E & B5, pectin, dry extract of Aloe vera.

Average nutritional information per pellet:

Vitamin E 6.6 mg (55% AR *) - Vitamin B5 2.4 mg (40% AR *) - Mint essential oil 40 mg - Aloe vera extract 5.2 mg. * AR: Contribution of Ref

1 tube of 15 pellets

Data sheet
SoluRonfl 15 Pastilles
Weight (Kg)
Vitamine E 6.6 mg (55% AR*) - Vitamine B5 2,4 mg (40% AR*) - Huile essentielle de Menthe 40 mg - Extrait d’Aloe vera 5,2 mg

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