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ColonDetox New Intestinal Purifying Formula

ColonDetox New Intestinal Purifying Formula

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The Colon, the centerpiece of your health. Clean it up!

Modern life polluting our organism

Evil of the new century, junk food: nowadays, our basic food is more and more unbalanced. This food pollution prevents the correct management of waste in your body, the number of which exceeds the processing capacity. The heavy use of drugs and self-medication play an important and negative role on the health of your digestive system! The pollution linked to our city life extends to the heart of your body, which stores HEAVY METALS, DIOXIN, HIGHLY TOXIC SUBSTANCES ...

It's no longer a secret: intestinal hygiene is at the heart of the proper functioning of your organism, and more particularly your COLON, whose missions are both to assimilate nutrients and to eliminate "waste". The large intestine acts like a filter. It naturally removes waste from the body. But it is still necessary to have a healthy and balanced life. Food that is too fatty, too sweet or too salty, pollution, stress' Every day, the body accumulates toxins from its environment, which are added to metabolic waste (ammonia, uric acid, etc.).

A Healthy and Clean COLON

Very complete formula: Wheat fiber + Ispaghul or Psyllium + Liquorice + Aloe vera + Clove + Gentian + Chlorella
For a healthy colon and healthy digestion
Aids digestion
Contributes to the regularity of transit and bowel function
Helps maintain digestive comfort for sensitive people
Supports gastrointestinal health
Helps to feel better after a large meal
Activates emunctories and elimination functions
Gluten free
Allergen free
No ingredient of animal origin Vegan Vegetable capsules

Colon Detox combines several active ingredients of natural origin:

Wheat fibers, which are insoluble in nature, help increase the volume of stools and therefore promote intestinal transit.
Psyllium or Ispaghul contains soluble fibers. The mucilaginous substances it contains absorb water from food and form a "gel" in the intestines which increases the weight of stools, improves their consistency and speeds up their transit. It is a ballast laxative, the advantage of which is that it is better tolerated than stimulant laxatives like senna, without any side effects.
Due to its emollient properties, Aloe Vera reduces inflammation and irritation of the mucous membranes
intestinal. It could also fight constipation.
Clove is a gastrointestinal tonic, helping to stimulate digestion and purify the digestive tract.
Gentian participates in the proper functioning of the liver and the gallbladder, to promote the elimination of toxins and improve digestion.
Liquorice is traditionally used to relieve digestive disorders, most often in combination with other plants.
Chlorella has purifying and detoxifying properties.

Directions for use: 2 to 3 capsules per day, before the main meals, with a glass of water.

Average nutritional information for 3 capsules: Wheat fiber (Triticum aestivum) 255 mg, Tegument of Ispaghul Plantago ovata) 225 mg, Licorice root Glycyrrhiza glabra) 195 mg, Sugar from aloe vera leaves (Aloe vera barbadensis) 165 mg , Clove (Eugenia caryophyllus) 135 mg, Gentian root (Gentiana lutea) 105 mg, Chlorella Chlorella pyrenoidosa) 75 mg.

1 box of 60 vegetable capsules in blisters

Data sheet
Colon Detox New
Fibre de Blé ( Triticum aestivum ) 255 mg, Tégument d’ Ispaghul Plantago ovata ) 225 mg, Racine de Réglisse Glycyrrhiza glabra ) 195 mg, Suc des feuilles d’aloe vera (Aloe vera barbadensis ) 165 mg, Clou de Girofle (Eugenia caryophyllus ) 135 mg, Racine d
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