SoluRonfl Dispositif Nasal Anti Ronflements Nocturnes
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SoluRonfl Anti Snoring Nasal Device

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Nutri Expert Solu Ronfl 'Nasal Anti-Snoring Device 4 Sizes is a device that allows to open the nostrils naturally, to facilitate the passage of air during sleep, to facilitate breathing and thus avoid snoring and nasal congestion. It is discreet, comfortable, effective and reusable.

The 4 sizes make it possible to find the tip most adapted to the size of the nostrils.

Made in France.

Usage tips :

Gently insert the device into the nostrils before bedtime.
The feeling of slight pressure is normal but withdraw immediately in case of discomfort or pain.
Rinse with warm water and soap after each use.
Change tip every 3 months.
Keep out of reach of children.
Indication: Anti-snoring and nasal congestion.
1 box of 4 sizes of nasal device


SoluRonfl Dispositif
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