Gelée Royale BIO Fraiche Tonus Vitalité Remise en Forme
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Fresh BIO Royal Jelly Tonus Vitality Fitness

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For the vitality, the shape and the staying.

An enigma of the biology

The success extraordinary of the ROYAL FROST founds on an observation: whereas a plain bee, who eats the nectar of the flowers, lives about 1 month 1/2, the queen, exclusively fed of ROYAL FROST, lives 5 years on average! How is this possible? What is there in the ROYAL FROST to explain this action on the slowing of the ageing? It remained today an enigma but the effects are there, INCREDIBLE!

Recover your sensations of him there has 20 years...

The regular consumers of ROYAL FROST who make every year of it several cures testify of eloquent way: when one takes ROYAL FROST one has the impression to return 20 years behind, one recovers the sensations that one believed lost, in particular as regards to the shape, the tonus, the masculine sexual vigor and the staying.

The royal frost, source of VITAL elements for the organism :

• Lysine
• B1 vitamin
• B2 vitamin
• B3 vitamin
• B5 vitamin
• B6 vitamin
• B7 vitamin
• B8 vitamin
• B9 vitamin
• B12 vitamin
• Vitamin HAS
• C vitamin
• E vitamin
• Alanine
• Arginine
• Acidic aspartique
• Glutamic acid
• Cystine
• Wisteria
• Histidine
• Isoleucine
• Leucine
• Méthionine
• Phénylalanine
• Proline
• Serine
• Bullfighting
• Thréonine
• Tryptophane
• Tyrosine
• Valine
• Calcium
• Copper
• Iron
• Magnesium
• Phosphor
• Potassium
• Silicon
• Sodium
• Sulfur
• Acétylcholine

Advice of use: 1 dose every morning TO JEUN.
Presentation: Pot of 30 g.
Assimilation: SUBLINGUALE (to deposit the Royal Frost under the language) ABSORPTION.
Recommendation: CURE of 3 pots to renew if need be.

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