Effiness Anti-Calories
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Effiness Anti-Calories

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Reduce caloric intake ... Weight control ...

Many of us are struggling to resist temptation and to compose their meals in a balanced way . It is not easy to restrict sugars and fats in the right proportions , especially as prohibited foods are often the best ! But it is possible to limit the absorption of sugars and fats in the digestive tract and facilitate their natural elimination without they are deposited on the stomach and hips ...
EFFINESS Anti -calories has been specially developed from a complex of natural fibers, which act synergistically as blockers of sugars and fats eaten in excess during meals. He imprisons before assimilation and guide to natural elimination pathways . Up to 57% fewer calories without effort !
EFFINESS Anti -calories also contains natural active regulatory action on the mechanism of insulin production , responsible for the storage of sugar as fat reserves .

Nutrition information per daily dose recommended:

Complex Blocker Calories: 945 mg (including Chitosan , Nopal , Phaseolus vulgaris, apple pectin , vitamin C).
Complex Metabolism Regulator : 150 mg (including extracts of green tea , Gymnema sylvestris , Chrome, Lactobacillus acidophilus) .

Recommendations for use :

Take 3 capsules per day, preferably the afternoon or evening at the end of the meal, with a glass of water. Program 21 days, repeated as often as necessary.


Box of 63 capsules.

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