Effiness Brûleur de Graisses
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Effiness Brûleur de Graisses

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Refine the silhouette ... Dry ... Activate the weight loss ...

For some people, weight gain and fat storage occurs throughout the silhouette. For its operation , the body converts some of the heat energy absorbed , a fraction of which is lost as heat : the " thermogenesis ". The loss of weight and fat mass , refining the silhouette , and the "drying" of the muscles , to pass through an activation process.

EFFINESS Fat Burner has been specifically developed with the finest natural ingredients that activate fat burning for energy production , promote the breakdown of fat deposits and disposal, for a loss of effective and sustainable weight.

Nutrition information per daily dose recommended:

Draining and Detoxifying Complex : 20g (including extracts of green tea , Meadowsweet , Tails cherry, dandelion , asparagus , Birch ) .
Appetite complex Moderator : 20g (including Apple pectin extracts , chicory fiber , Fucus , Nopal , Aloe vera, spirulina ) .

Recommendations for use :

Take 3 capsules per day preferably in the afternoon or evening 30 minutes before meals with a glass of water . Program 21 days, repeated as often as necessary.


Box of 63 capsules.

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Effiness Bruleur de Graisses
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