Effiness Destock Cellulite
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Effiness Destock Cellulite

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Reshape the silhouette ... Melt stubborn fat ...

Fat is stored mainly around the pool for women and belly in men , leading over time densification tissue . Beads and cellulite are becoming harder to lose, and still even regardless of weight problems. The Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA , a scientifically proven action on the elimination of fat embedded for a targeted slimming action. It allows a significant reduction in fat mass (up to -20%) while preserving muscle mass. The silhouette is reshaped !
EFFINESS Destock Cellulite associated with a high concentration of CLA active extracts of green tea and guarana for an optimal action on fat loss . EFFINESS Destock Cellulite is made ??from the highest quality CLA , the ClarinolTM , whose effectiveness is proven by numerous scientific studies.

Nutrition information per daily dose recommended:

CLA ( ClarinolTM ): 1500 mg . Green Tea Extract 75 mg . Guarana extract : 75 mg .

Recommendations for use :

Take 3 capsules per day preferably in the morning or afternoon before meals with a glass of water . Program 21 days, repeated as often as necessary.


Box of 63 capsules.

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Effiness Destock Cellulite
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