Hairbell Shampooing Accélérateur de Pousse
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Hairbell Shampooing Accélérateur de Pousse

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HAIRBELL guarantees 6 results:

- The hair that grows up to 3 times faster
- More flexible and shiny hair,
- More voluminous hair ,
- A significant decrease in hair loss ,
- An effective on all hair types,
- Prolonged effect that lasts several months.

This is proven with clinical tests that we performed , HAIRBELL multiplies up to 3 times the hair growth. In 4 months , your hair can grow more than during the whole year ! Fed in depth, they are also more beautiful , stronger and shinier.

Composition :

HAIRBELL shampoo is specially formulated to prepare hair balm to use and maximize the effects .

Clinical trials :

Performed with a representative sample of the French population over a period of 30 days, according to a method of measuring grows on the length of the hair .
The summary table shows results after 30 days :
- Maximum grows 4.5 cm.
- Average Shoot sample 2.9 cm .
For the record, a normal hair grows an average of 1.5 cm per month.
In conclusion , 95% of panelists who tested HAIRBELL have adopted and use it regularly !

Recommendations for use :

We recommend that you use shampoo HAIRBELL every 2 or 3 days, depositing the value of a walnut on wet hair. Lather gently massaging the scalp fingertips without rubbing . Let stand 3-4 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After shampooing , apply HAIRBELL balm on wet hair, massage gently with fingertips to cover the entire head of hair . Leave for a few minutes then rinse.
TIP : Do not hesitate to switch our shampoo with your shampoo or your usual skin care during your treatment, so as to continue to enjoy the benefits of the latter.

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