Soin Anti-Age Correcteur des Rides et des Tâches
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Soin Anti-Age Correcteur des Rides et des Tâches

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The overall strategy against aging skin. Fewer tasks - Less Wrinkles - Less redness ! To win 5 years 6 months.

Every moment our skin undergoes assault endangering her beauty pollution , stress, UV , chemicals ... The consequence of these attacks is the premature aging of the skin that is characterized by its dryness , its loss of elasticity, its dull appearance , the appearance of redness, brown spots and wrinkling . With life expectancy lengthens, it is necessary to adopt a comprehensive anti -aging strategy, not only repairs , but also preventive .


The principal asset of our anti-aging comes from the culture of Thermus thermophilus , microorganism deep marine Gulf of California . In addition , care ANTI- AGE also contains argan oil .

Clinical test:

Clinical trials conducted on more than 50 people have shown that exposure to UVA and pollution skin getting older on average 5 years 6 months compared to a skin care have benefited from our ANTI -AGE .

Care ANTI- AGE acts as a protective umbrella , your skin is protected and beautified because it shows :

- Less brown spots,
- Less wrinkles,
- Less redness.

Care ANTI-AGING not just trying to correct the evils of the age, but also to prevent and fight against daily aggressions , slow aging.

Recommendations for use :

Care ANTI- AGE is used in the morning as a day cream .

1 vial of 50 ml airless

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