Apaisane Frottements de l'Entrejambe
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Apaisane Frottements de l'Entrejambe

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Apaisane care is targeted to help you fight against minor burns, redness and itching caused by rubbing the crotch .

" Whenever I run, I have redness in upper thighs, which become progressively burns. This quickly becomes unpleasant and painful. "
"When I put on a skirt or dress , I crotch burning me! "
" Just thinking that summer is approaching , I suffer already ! Friction results in burns and small buttons that form a circle on the top of the inner thighs ... I often wear skirts or dresses winter and summer, but in winter no problem. therefore had I found a solution ... "
"I am strong, when I wear skirts or dresses , I redness that appear between the legs and it hurts . "

To end these situations oh how painful our institute has developed APAISANE :

- That helps to calm the burning, itching and redness,
- Which leaves a protective film on the skin ,
- That helps restore the natural pH of the skin.


APAISANE is formulated from :

- A liniment oil- limestone ,
- Vegetable oil ,
- Calendula
- A perfume lemon eucalyptus .

1 spray 100 ml

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