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Deoditoo Discover the Artisans of Art!

Deoditoo Discover the Artisans of Art!

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The DVD Video part, Multi-media and interactive, comprises interviews and of the sometimes strange, tinted humour and enriched reports synthesized images.

Each DVD lasts approximately 2 hours. To discover in family.

The DVD Rom part makes it possible to test its news knowledge using interactive plays, to create by oneself with the centre workshops, to improve through lexicons and to reach bonds Internet.

Déo is an adorable small extraterrestrial, born on the planet Oussé. With its large eyes of a turquoise blue, its ears, its conical head, its devastating smile, it has a lot of charm. Created entirely in synthesized 3D images, it is curious about all, it is astonished by all the inventions and the work of the men.

Find in family of many trades of the Craft industry of Art. In this DVD Rom, go with Déo to the meeting of the matters, the craftsmen and their creations original, that they are stone, of wood, paper, fabric, of glass, of leather, metal ...

Discover the richnesses of their know-how, see how they reconcile modernity and tradition and share their dynamism and them passion. Surprises await you: Déo is encrusted in the craftsman, of histories, of the workshops ...

From 6-7 years.

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