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Fairy Tale Learning - Opus 3

Fairy Tale Learning - Opus 3

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Bridge to English - Fairy Tale Learning.
Tell Me a Story and Teach Me to Read.

This product is for children aged 8 months to 5 years old and will help them start understanding and reading at a very early age and develop their intellectual abilities.

The disk comprises 2 cartoons of the fairy tales St. George of Merrie England and Tom-Tit-Tot plus comprehension and reading exercises based on words and sentences from these fairy tales.

The exercises are split according to different age groups. The exercises include the presentation of individual new words, phrases, questions about the tales and spelling. The exercises may be played to the child straight after each fairy tale in a continuous loop and do not require the participation of the parents in the learning process. Practice exercises are interactive and aimed to check the comprehension and reading skills of the child after the presentation of the words and phrases. These exercises will require the parents help in pressing buttons on the DVD player handset or the childs own ability to use the handset to give the answer.

Learning Exercises: New Words Presentation New Words Practice New Phrases Presentation New Phrases Practice Questions and Answers Presentation Questions and Answers Practice Reading Words Presentation Reading Words Practice Reading Phrases Presentation Reading Phrases Practice

Running times: Fairy tales - 15 min. Learning exercises - 120 min.

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Fairy Tale Learning - Opus 3
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