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Fortifying Pollen Royal Jelly Capsules

Fortifying Pollen Royal Jelly Capsules

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Product of the Biologic Agriculture !

BIO: The bees who produce this frost royal bio evolve in a preserved natural setting where the environment is respected, with of more than the controls on the products finished in order to be certain to get the royal frost the most natural and purest.

PURE: The most profitable way to make a cure is to take it pure. That is under his/her/its shape first without other human intervention that to harvest it and to put it in pot. It is the ideal shape, the one that guarantees the original quality.

SURE: There is not a contra-indication to the regular consumption of Royal Frost, not of known toxicity, not of incompatibility with the medicines, not of familiarization, not of secondary effect.

INCREDIBLE ! Royal Lagelée to live better, longer.

In a hive, there are about 60 000 female bees, 1 500 males but only one fertile bee: the queen, who assures alone the everlastingness of the hive. During all his/her/its life, except during the winter, she/it lays without interruption 1 egg every 45 seconds! A phenomenal fertility! Normally after such a performance, the queen should be exhausted and die prematurely. However it is the whole contrary that happens. Whereas the life span of a bee is of 45 days, the one of the queen is of about 5 years, either 40 times more! How is this possible? There is a reason: only the queen is fed royal frost exclusively. He/it is evident from all it that, without being a miraculous elixir, the actions at a time stimulating, revitalizing, anti-fatigue, antistress and balancing of the royal frost make an extraordinary natural food of it capable to bring a much better quality of life.

Of extraordinary nourishing virtues !

This nectar of the hive is one of the richest sources natural of vitamins, amino acids and indispensable trace elements to life.
Vitamins: To, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, Acidic Pantothénique B5, PP, Ascorbic Acid, Folic Acid
Amino acids: Alanine, Vanilline, Wisteria, Isoléocine, Léocine, Proline, Thréonine, Drums, Tryptophane, Méthionine, Phénylalinine, Acidic Aspartique, Glutamic Acid, Thyroxine, Lysine, Arginine, Hydrates of carbon (among which one finds acid 10-hydroxydecénoïque)
Trace elements: the olassitim, Iron, Copper, Silicon, Magnesium, etc

1 gram per day to tone up and to regenerate the organism. The Royal Frost, a treasure of kindness.

Revitalizing effects :

> Improve the general state of the organism
> Fights fatigue and give back strength and energy
> Stimulate the sexuality and give back the vigor
> Increase the immune defenses and the resistance
> Stimulate the memory and the intellectual capacities
> Contribute to a better state of mind in case of nervous weariness
> Encourage a better digestion
> An efficiency demonstrated, a perfect tolerance
> And also a multitude of kindness on your skin, your complexion, your hair

How is it necessary to take the royal frost?

We recommend to consume 1 gram of royal frost in only one time, every morning, of preference on an empty stomach. With the "dosette" delivered to this effect, appropriate the size of a green pea and place it of preference under the language in order to encourage his/her/its assimilation. The ideal is to make a cure of some months (4 months being the ideal length) to have a lasting result in the time. It is necessary to take care to keep the pure royal frost in the refrigerator once the pot is open in order to preserve his/her/its nutritional value and all his/her/its qualities of freshness.

Pot of 25 g

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