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DiamOngles Diamond Powder Nail Polish

DiamOngles Diamond Powder Nail Polish

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The Radiance and Brilliance Diamond on your nails !

Nail polish ultra hardener real diamond . Extreme shine . Very long lasting . Genuine diamond powder . Care and protection nails. Complete box with manicure set . Carmine Red or White transparent.

5 Reasons to Buy DIAM'ONGLES :

1 . EFFICIENCY extra protection nails. DIAM'ONGLES is a nail hardener and protective nail weakened . It repairs the horny layers of the nails, strengthens and makes them strong and shiny.
2 . Easy application 2 minutes! DIAM'ONGLES varnish is very easy to apply thanks to its wide brush which deposits the perfect amount of polish on each nail . In addition , drying is very fast : in just 2 minutes it is completely dry . The nails are beautiful and long.
3 . Impeccable maintenance " MAXIMUM LENGTH " . Varnish DIAM'ONGLES takes 3 times longer than conventional varnish ! The color is bright , it does not turn , and does not flake . One layer DIAM'ONGLES protects your nails for more than a week , and without retouching !
4 . ECONOMIC . 1 bottle of nail DIAM'ONGLES = 1 year of application!
5 . INNOVATION : care dealing enriched genuine diamond . Each bottle is enriched DIAM'ONGLES genuine diamond powder . The hardest stone in the world , the diamond has protective properties and extraordinary renforçatrices , to heal and protect the most fragile nails.

Bottle of 11 ml

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