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Memory Pillow

Memory Pillow

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New Technology: the new generation pillow.

Comfort : essential to complete rest of the body!

The pillow : a comfort for a restful sleep. We all know the fundamental role of sleep in the balance of each of us. More than a signal sent by the body, which allows a psychological need to rest our body and release tension of the day. Moreover man is programmed to sleep every day for a long period (at night ) and a short phase ( afternoon ) . The average sleep time is 7 to 8 hours for an adult.

Restful sleep can not be done without a good pillow !

Support the neck and head , the pillow helps distribute the weight of the head to avoid the pressures that disrupt blood flow to the face. A bad pillow is synonymous with disturbed sleep , and worst of stiff neck and back problems that prevent sleep . The pillow is therefore , not just a place to lay his head, but a real support for the spine when you sleep.

The pillow shape memory : what is it?

CONF'OREILLER is a pillow , which thanks to its memory foam shape, mold head gradually to reach a position without any tension. It adapts to the morphology and spreads the pressure of the head on a regular basis . The whole, in order to improve blood flow . Perfectly matching the contours of the neck and head , it helps reduce back pain and neck problems . The upper limbs are protected , as in a shell for unmatched comfort ! A true cocoon of well- being ... No more uncomfortable positions , past to turn in bed looking at the ideal position nights , stiff neck in the morning and back pain that will spoil the day!

Incomparable comfort.

EXTRA SOFT : Due to its high density ( 50mg/m3 ) Conf'Oreiller offers unparalleled comfort. Finished the pillows too soft that sag , Conf'Oreiller is a real support for your head, both stable and fluffy.
ERGONOMIC : Conf'Oreiller to model your head! Technology shape memory can make your mark on the pillow for total comfort ! It hugs your body ! It returns to its original shape as soon as you remove your head.
FLEXIBLE AIR : You're like a cloud, weightless , ready for a relaxing uncommon . Quality to meet your expectations. Conf'Oreiller density is 50 mg/m3 ! High density for maximum comfort .

Multiple uses.

Conf'Oreiller be used anywhere ! Front of the TV , grab your Conf'Oreiller to put your head to rest in total relaxation . Night , of course , use Conf'Oreiller to avoid bad positions neck and neck . For a nap or a moment of relaxation after a busy day , dive into your pillow Conf'Oreiller and let yourself go in a moment of pure relaxation.

Conf'Oreiller has 2 protective covers : an inner cover to protect your pillow and an outer cover that you can remove for washing . Its large size ( 65x35cm ) offers complete support for neck to the head.

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