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Elixir Throat Nose Respiratory

Elixir Throat Nose Respiratory

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ELIXIR NOSE - THROAT Sore throat - Hoarseness - Stuffy nose

Air pollution, air conditioning , humidity , tobacco, change of season ... It is important to take care of your airways !
Essential Oils of Eucalyptus and Ravensare help cleanse the respiratory system. Extract Pulmonary breathing easier and can be used in case of hoarse voice or broken to reduce hoarseness . Peppermint and copper contribute to the functioning of natural defenses.

ELIXIR NOSE - THROAT contributes to a better placement of the voice, it is recommended to those whose profession submits voice strain (such as lawyers , singers, presenters, singers but also teachers , representatives ... ) .

- Protects and relieves vocal cords
- Clears throat
- Clears and cleanses the respiratory tract
- Strengthens the body

ELIXIR NOSE - THROAT is a concentrated syrup herbal , essential oils and trace elements. It contains extracts of orange blossom , Pulmonary , Bramble and peppermint to soothe the throat , pharynx and vocal cords . They relieve in case of sore throat .

Grass for singers: protects and relieves vocal cords, throat clears
Lung , Bramble , Orange Blossom , Peppermint : aim for softening, soothing , stimulating , they help soothe coughs .
Essential oils of mint, Ravensare , Eucalyptus emerge and cleanse the respiratory tract ( antiseptic ) .
Propolis : hunting microbes, protects against colds , aids breathing comfort.
Copper and manganese : 2 trace elements known to act in synergy and protect the body against colds.

Ingredients : Extract Glycerine 50% hydro plant : grass cantors ( erysimum ) , pulmonary, blackberry , orange blossom , peppermint , honey, propolis extract hydroglycerine (5%) , mint flavor, mint essential oil , essential oil ravensara , eucalyptus essential oil , copper gluconate , manganese gluconate .

125 ml bottle

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Elixir Nez Gorge
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Extrait hydro glycériné de plante 50% : herbe aux chantres (erysimum), pulmonaire, ronce, fleur d’oranger, menthe poivrée, miel, extrait hydroglycériné de propolis (5%), arôme menthe, huile essentielle de menthe, huile essentielle de ravensara, huile esse
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