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ConfoFresh Refreshing Cushion

ConfoFresh Refreshing Cushion

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With CONFO FRESH , summer promises to be refreshing

Heat Affects Your Health !

The heat that we appreciate so can become a mortal enemy if we are no longer able to protect us ! The sweating mechanism is the main defense system against excessive increase our body temperature . Our thermoregulatory system uses this system to avoid hyperthermia with disastrous consequences : malaise , dehydration, headache , disorientation, respiratory and cardiac problems , coma ... With age, our body becomes weaker , natural thermoregulation becomes more difficult , we sweat less. It is increasingly difficult to maintain our body at the ideal temperature of 37 ° C. With age , sweating becomes inadequate for this role ! In fact, seniors have a delicate balance due to sweating low , the risk of hyperthermia is real! According to the World Health Organization ( WHO famous ), any person over 65 years , bedridden , suffering from chronic illness , mental disorder or understanding , any person suffering from a loss of autonomy for the acts everyday is a person at risk! It is essential for these people to protect themselves against the heat! It is imperative to help the body to lower its temperature .

CONFO'FRESH : a revolutionary technology for your health !

What this simple cushion is revolutionary? His secret? Its composition: a revolutionary cooling gel , designed to lower the body temperature to -7 ° C. CONFO'FRESHcontribue effectively compensate for the deficiencies of the old thermoregulation or weakened body. Just sit on your CONFO'FRESH to immediately feel a sense of freshness. Indeed, the cooling gel into action from the first contact with your body !
CONFO'FRESH brings a sensation of freshness beneficial allowing you to easily withstand a heat heavier regardless of where you are ! CONFO'FRESH , pass the safe summer ! CONFO'FRESH is your ally to face the scorching heat!

CONFO'FRESH offers its freshness at your fingertips ! REFRESHING , ADAPT , NOMAD , 3 ASSETS your CONFO'FRESH :

Refreshing : With its revolutionary gel CONFO'FRESH you can stand the heat and gives you a fresh feeling benevolent and saving ! Lowering your body temperature to -7 ° C , CONFO'FRESH puts you from the risks of hyperthermia associated with excessive rise in body temperature . Over moist skin , no more discomfort ! Regardless of where you are, CONFO'FRESHvous fact benefit from its freshness!
Adaptable: As everyone knows, in case of high heat, your whole house becomes a furnace leaving you no respite ! The sofa is a source of heat , chairs and armchairs stick your garden is hot! With CONFO'FRESH , need to spend hours trying desperately to find a comfortable and cool! Lightweight, low profile and rectangular CONFO ' FRESH adapts its shape and size in all media sitting chairs , armchairs, sofas, pouffs ... Compact , lightweight, CONFO'FRESH find its place wherever you want to sit ! Finally, you can comfortably watch your favorite show or enjoy your last reading without being attacked by an unbearable heat!
Nomad : Not only CONFO'FRESH fits throughout your home, but you can also take it wherever you go ! Do not deprive yourself more visit friends because of the heat! Lightweight, foldable, easy to carry CONFO'FRESH follows you everywhere! You want to leave home ? Enjoy a shaded terrace ? This is now possible with CONFO'FRESH ! This discreet and effective ally will refresh you wherever you are !

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