Onguent à Froid Cryo'Argile Actif Muscles Articulations
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Onguent à Froid Cryo'Argile Actif Muscles Articulations

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CRYO- CLAY - Cold Ointment Active


CRYO- CLAY is an active cold ointment formulated with menthol , green clay , red vine and arnica :

- Relieves immediately sheath, remineralize ,
- Fast drying
- Fast application thin layer or localized poultice .

CRYO- CLAY has multiple indications :

- Before a physical effort to soften and indoloriser tissues
- After a physical effort to reduce painful reactions and reduce edema and hematoma,
- Fight against inflammatory diseases : tears , contusions, tendonitis , sprains, lumbago , stiff neck, sports injuries lately ...
- Faster healing times .


CRYO- CLAY is mainly composed of three 100% natural ingredients :

- Arnica (Arnica montana ) , a medicinal plant known for centuries as " panacea knocks and shocks ." It is used to absorbing blows, bumps and bruises and helps to soothe the pain sensation ,
- Red Vine (Vitis vinifera) , known for its tonic and protective action of the capillaries ,
- Peppermint (Mentha piperita) , used here for its refreshing properties .

Recommendations for use :

Apply to the affected area , let sit 20 minutes, then do away with a damp paper towel . The cryogen sensation will last for many minutes.

1 jar of 250 g

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