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S.R.J. 9 Restructuring Cheek Treatment for Men

S.R.J. 9 Restructuring Cheek Treatment for Men

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COMBAT sagging and sagging cheeks

Restructuring care cheek : fight against flaccidity and sagging cheeks . 90 % satisfaction !

Over the years, the contour of the face loses its smooth and harmonious appearance, heavier, and jowls may appear unsightly . The loss of natural elasticity of the skin , atrophy of the underlying tissues and the effects of gravity contribute to this evolution.


With the help of laboratory SEDERMA , L' Institut Claude Bell specially developed SRJ 9, a formula -based peptide derivative Tyr- Arg- Lipo intended to fight against the effect of gravity on the skin subjected to aging. S.R.J. 9 shows a novel mode of action, targeting elastin , the protein responsible for the elasticity of the dermis.

Clinical trials :

Clinical studies conducted over a period of two months, led to the following results :

- Enhancement of the face: 11.3% , with a maximum of 21%
- Density of the skin : 9.2% , and even 34%
- Skin tightening : 7.8% , with a maximum of 28%.

The test of consumer satisfaction is even more significant : at the end of the study, 9 out of 10 users wished to continue treatment !

1 vial of 50 ml airless

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