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Epil Xpress Hair Reduction Lotion for the Face

Epil Xpress Hair Reduction Lotion for the Face

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Reducing special hair face : for a gradual reduction in hair regrowth and downs until almost disappearing.

Facial hair affects many women : Down blond , brown down , mustache, brown hair or blonde on the cheeks ... And many are looking to get rid of !

Different techniques exist which deal with:

- The visible part of the hair : shaving and chemical dissolution ,
- Visible and invisible part of the hair : waxing ,
- The hair bulb : laser techniques .

Techniques that address only the visible part are ineffective in the long term . The laser technique is well suited for brown hairs , but this inefficiency when it comes to blond hair , and significant side effects ( hypo- or hyperpigmentation risks in general) in return for a certain efficiency. Only waxing is quite well tolerated and offers a slower regrowth , but it remains painful when it comes to the face.

For years the Claudebell laboratory seeks a cosmetic solution targeting the invisible part of the hair , which would slow hair growth , while gradually decreasing the hair. Is seeking natural molecules known for their ability to slow the growth of certain micro -organisms that we have selected palmatine extracted from the root of Fibraurea recisa . The Fibraurea recisa is an Asian plant that grows wild in mountainous regions, and whose flowering period is from May to August. The roots are used in traditional medicine to treat ear infections, cystitis , gastritis and cosmetics to slow the division of keratinocytes of the hair bulb , causing hair growth .

This reducer hair is a real technological care. Assets are encapsulated in microcapsules which will release along the hair shaft to a third of its depth to gradually reduce hair growth . The microcapsules are invisible to the naked eye ( 5 microns in diameter) and each treatment contains billions . Thus, the action is targeted assets optimally, and the hair will become thinner and thinner until it disappears .

The Hair FACE REDUCER therefore guarantees:

- A gradual decrease in your hair,
- A progressive inhibition of regrowth and therefore frequencies epilation or shaving increasingly spaced
- Targeted action on the hair bulb ,
- A deep moisturizing of your skin.

Clinical trials :

After two months of treatment, due to daily application areas tweezers , clinical tests showed:

- A decrease in the number of hairs 48%
- A decrease in the rate of hair growth of 36 % ,
- A shaving frequency / minus 60 % removal .

In addition , self- Evalution by the panelists gave the following results :

- Slower hair growth by 73%
- A decrease in hair density of 72 % ,
- Sustainable skin hydration by 90%.

Recommendations for use :

Apply REDUCING FACE hair every night before bed for a period of 2 months. Renew your discretion to extend and enhance the effects .

1 vial of 50 ml airless

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