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Perfect Legs for Varicose Legs

Perfect Legs for Varicose Legs

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Gel cosmetic treatment with plant extracts for varicose leg trend.

Prolonged standing, long trips, physical inactivity aggravate disorders poor venous circulation.

PERFECT LEGS is a formula for effective plants for your legs varicose trend.


The effectiveness of PERFECT LEGS, based on a formula involving six plant extracts with stimulating properties:

- Centella asiaticareconnue to improve circulation, but also to the problems of peau.Une dozen studies have shown that in 80% of cases of patients with varicose veins, we obtained a significant improvement.
- Ginkgo Biloba known to help relieve and treat disorders of the circulation. It is a vasodilator and an antioxidant.
- The chestnut known for its anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor action it helps to: relieve pain, improve circulation, stimulate venous tone in fighting against this way the feeling of heavy or swollen legs.
- The red wine known for its tonic and protective actions of capillary vessels.
- The ivy known to help relieve pain.
- Camphor and Menthol causing a cooling sensation and a feeling of well being.

Recommendations for use:

PERFECT LEGS Apply twice daily on the affected part of the legs with a slight massage.

1 100 ml tube

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