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SlimShirt Woman Textile Intelligent Slimming Tank Top

SlimShirt Woman Textile Intelligent Slimming Tank Top

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Your belly swells, you complex ...

You feel that your body is slurried and you no longer get into your favorite clothes?
SLIMshirt: an innovative tank for a "flat stomach" immediate effect and without effort!

Weight gain, menopause, motherhood ... all phenomena conducive to bulges who settle in the abdomen and the abdominal belt. Designed in high technology areas with specific compression fiber Slimshirt flattens your tummy instantly and reduces your abdominal curves ...

You will find a superb figure combines subtly and discreetly, youth, femininity, wellness and sporty ...

SLIMshirt, what is it?

SLIMshirt is a whole new generation of underwear for women. Undetectable under clothing and lightweight, the coating action admirably corrects your figure while providing a unique comfort.
You find a perfect online instantly. SLIMshirt redraws size, gum round bellies and helps strengthen your abdominal belt every time you wear it.

The anguish of 35 years and more: the little paunchy belly and curves A flat tummy and a slim waist, sure, we all dream ... With the approach of menopause or after the birth of your children, your weight gain is accelerating and appearance loses her femininity. Size becomes right, your belly is growing now, your form of a young woman is trying to round up and lose its tone ... Anyway older.

With SLIMshirt, find today a firm and youthful figure. With SLIMshirt find a flat stomach immediately and abdominal belt that you once gave a young feminine allure, seduction and power foolproof. Being round is not a problem, it is important to keep a feminine silhouette that pre-ménaupose tends to alter and make android or gynoid like men. With SLIMshirt, remodeling your silhouette is amazing and instant.

How SLIMshirt Will it make me more attractive?

EFFECT sheathing: SLIMshirt model the appearance of your silhouette with unsurpassed shaping effect. Innovation SLIMshirt, it is primarily the ventral plastron (in area "compression"), which flattens your tummy while leaving you free your moves. This broad bandage hides unsightly folds and gum all your stubborn fat located around your waist ... quite invisibility! Tests have shown immediate correction of up to -7 cm waist. It is ideal for all those who want to regain a flat stomach, abdominal strap perfectly remodeled and looks harmoniously refined.

FIRMING EFFECT: Another SLIMshirt innovation lies in its areas of special reinforcements weaving. Designed in a more rigid mesh, these areas further strengthen the effect shaping the waist level, and give you the effect of ultra strong and sturdy lap belt. As a bonus, you SLIMshirt does not compress the abdomen. Indeed, it has been specially designed to slim you while giving you comfort. But this is not all, it is also SLIMshirt feel "Muscle and Fitness".

SENSATION "MUSCLE AND FITNESS" Whenever you wear your tank Slimshirt, you immediately feel a strong sense of muscle remodeling spread on your body. Thanks to its special mesh expandable SLIMshirt faithfully accompanies all the gestures and movements of your body. It compensates your deficiency muscles perfectly reproducing the presence of volume and muscle tone in your belly, your back and your abdominal muscles. It is the exclusive effect "MUSCLE AND FITNESS" only SLIMshirt your tank is capable of reproducing and offer. This unique sensation will definitely increase your capital wellness and confidence!

Is SLIMshirt comfortable?

SLIMshirt is designed in a fiber which maintains the perfectly bacteriological natural balance of the skin, the polyamide. Thermoregulatory, this fiber offers freshness and comfort constantly maintaining the heat and removing dampness. Also composed elastane SLIMshirt hugs the lines of the body. Its special knitting gives a uniform appearance for a second effect flawless skin. In addition to generating a double slimming effect on your figure, SLIMshirt gives you a pleasant feeling of tone and muscle remodeling as soon as you put on.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

3 sizes available (38-40 / M 42-44 / L and 46-48/XL)
2 colors (black and white)

Machine washable at 40 °

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