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SlimShirt For Men Smart Textile Slimming Tank Top

SlimShirt For Men Smart Textile Slimming Tank Top

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You can no longer stand to see those "love handles" and flabby belly in the mirror ...

The time has come for you to act with the new SLIMSHIRT for men.

Do not hide more: SLIMshirt wear! SLIMSHIRT FOR MEN, what is it? A flat stomach and muscular ... absolute dream! SLIMSHIRT for men is an incredible slimming tank top and "sculptor silhouette."

SLIMSHIRT for men gives you an extra flat stomach as soon as you wear it. If you do not have time to build abs of steel in a gym, try SLIMSHIRT for men! Developed from a revolutionary compression fiber weaving, SLIMSHIRT for men helps you correct the imperfections of your figure and offers a "flat stomach" effect quite exceptional.

SLIMSHIRT for men is invisible under clothing. As soon as you put on, it flattens your tummy as well as unsightly bulges at the waist. But that's not all! SLIMSHIRT draws for men under your clothes perfect for a nice firm, shapely and worthy of the greatest sporting abdominal contours.

Sculpt YOU A CHEST OF DREAM: a flat stomach, abs, exfoliate your curves ... and WITHOUT EFFORT IN SECONDS ONLY! "This complete you fits, except that slight protruding belly!"

Sure, hide the "little tummy" and see farms and abdominal striated under clothes fall feat. It is the dream of most men, but few succeed because the stomach is an area of ??the body extremely difficult to refine and tone. Generally, it is in the stomach and hips that we tend to store more fat, but it is also where we have the most trouble in destocking. These fatty deposits are often associated with various characteristics scourges of modern life: stress, sedentary lifestyle, diet high calorie foods such as sugar, salt etc.. Unfortunately, it can also be physiological. If you dare to wear light clothing more or spend your time holding your breath, and you feel that you are no longer as attractive as before because you took belly ... Try the new SLIMSHIRT for men!

With SLIMSHIRT for men, you will find a flat stomach and a strong chest and strengthened immediately and without effort! Reflections on your paunchy belly will not be a bad memory ... TRY SLIMSHIRT'll love it, thanks to its double effect "sheathing and remodeling" and to his discretion.

How SLIMSHIRT FOR MEN Will it turn you into irresistible Apollo?

EFFECT LINING: SLIMSHIRT for men allows all men who want to fight against small unsightly bulges, refine and adjust their bellies and their entire bust. The specific tissue SLIMSHIRT for men contains spandex, a synthetic fiber known for its very exceptional elasticity. This fiber is stronger and more durable than rubber. SLIMSHIRTfor men exerts a contention which acts directly on areas where stored fat layers (large and small obliques, rectus abdomen, chest, back). By exerting pressure on those unsightly elastic curves SLIMSHIRT for men conceals by this action of contention. It efficiently compresses these curves without upsetting the natural movements of the body. So you do not feel any discomfort. As soon as you put on, its extensible fiber instantly provides you resorption belly and flanks. Your entire torso is harmoniously remodeled, like magic. SLIMSHIRT for men requires neither exercise nor torture devices or system: Its action is instantaneous. Extremely comfortable, it allows you to regain a flat stomach and a decidedly slimmer waistline. It's magical! You can now wear tight fitting shirts without "it's overflowing!"

EFFECT REMODELLING: SLIMSHIRT for men guarantees a lap belt and torso reshaped and strengthened through its broadband specific reinforcement. As soon as you put SLIMSHIRT for men, its bands reinforcements special weaving fit precisely on the parts of the bust to enhance and reshape. Pectoral, abdominal and back areas and are instantly and perfectly trimmed their new strong and muscular structures. Bands of elastic reinforcement leave immediately glimpse forms of salient pectoral powerfully sculpted abdominal grid perfectly designed and noticeable under your clothes. The longitudinal shape of the silhouette is reshaped harmoniously. You seem younger, more robust and manly. Undetectable and efficient: Made of a special fabric mesh SLIMSHIRT for men ensures maximum discretion. Nobody will suspect that you wear under your clothes a. Guests have extra flat stomach, and a new abdominal redesigned frame perfectly. Nothing like the reassuring presence to increase your confidence and boost your capital power of seduction, in no time and in all circumstances. Very comfortable, SLIMSHIRT for men to forget completely under your clothes. For sure! SLIMSHIRT for men reveals the body of modern man, loving modernity and sure of his seduction.

What other benefits SLIMSHIRT for men?

SLIMSHIRT for men you will flatten the tummy and waist, blur bearings and unsightly bulges and reshape your abs. But that's not all: If you wear SLIMSHIRT for men during your walks or your workout, it will promote weight loss and elimination of fat on the upper part of your body. SLIMSHIRT for men contribute to rapid weight loss and targeted through effective sweating abdominal region and the whole of your bust, without plans or constraints. You lose pounds without thinking ... Measure your waist "before and after" and smile again! Thanks to its special knitting technique, SLIMSHIRTfor men also contributes to the maintenance of the abdominal strap, released or insufficiently muscled, can cause problems. Mesh structures also absorb some of the shock and help to relief the spine and back pain. Its wide elastic bands finally participate in good posture and relaxation of the lower back.

6 AREAS OF REINFORCING AND MAINTAINING microfiber instantly sculpt your entire body and invisibility for optimal correction! What's more disturbing that a man flat belly and perfectly shaped abs ...

How do I use SLIMSHIRT for men?

Thanks to its bactericidal treatment, it can be worn as an undergarment and in direct contact with the skin. Its stitching give it a uniform appearance and velvety effect for a second flawless skin. SLIMSHIRT for men can be worn under any garment, even lighter. It will suit you perfectly for all occasions and throughout the day, whether you're at home, at work or in sports or leisure. In all circumstances, SLIMSHIRT for men will make you look younger, thinner and divinely built. And the only chocolate that it will soon issue about you will be the ones you arborerez soon under tight to perfection t-shirts ...

Thread SLIMSHIRT for men ... the effect is immediate!

Its structure and texture combine to offer a corrected line, a flat stomach and "abs shelves" thanks to its reinforced chest. It's new, natural and the results are amazing!

What matter is made SLIMSHIRT for men?

SLIMSHIRT for men is crafted in the finest materials to meet your criteria of elegance, comfort and quality: 80% polyamide 20% elastane. The thin, yet durable mesh SLIMSHIRT for men can move and stretch in every direction, ensures long durability and combines comfort and humidity control. SLIMSHIRTfor men has 6 areas of reinforcement and retention microfibers instantly sculpt your entire body and invisibility for optimal correction: tank top satiny; plastron doubled torso, back and at the sides. External seams for maximum comfort.

Available in 4 sizes: M (88-92 cm girth), L (96-100 cm chest), XL (104-108 cm chest), XXL (112-116 cm round chest).

Color: black

Machine washable at 40 °

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