SlimBoxer For Men Textile Intelligent Minceur Boxer Ineldea - 1
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SlimBoxer For Men Textile Intelligent Minceur Boxer

SlimBoxer For Men Textile Intelligent Minceur Boxer

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Dare to Wear SLIMBoxer seduction ... to look more stylish, sexier ...

SLIMBoxer how he draws me athletic body?

Half Boxer and half gainer, the SLIMBoxer worn like normal underwear under jeans or dress pants. The SLIMBoxer has a ventral plastron stretch mesh and woven compression instantly gum your belly and your "love handles". This special jacket makes you instantly slim your waistline.

What other benefits SLIMBoxer?

SPECIAL GLUTEAL: Bonus areas compressions allow redraw bounced buttocks and firm, as if you were doing fitness intensely. In addition to generating a slimming visual effect on your figure, you SLIMBoxer provides a feeling of tone and muscle remodeling as soon as you put it. Be more confident in any garment with SLIMBoxer Narrow your figure EFFORTLESSLY without medication ... take SLIMBoxer!

COMFORT: a unique feel thanks to its composition microfiber polyamide and elastane SLIMBoxer lets skin breathe and prevents perspiration. Invisible under clothing, it becomes one with your skin, adjusting and not furl under your clothes. As soon as you put it, you feel immediately that seems SLIMBoxer remuscler, tone and revitalize your entire torso like a second skin toning. A feeling of well-being and energy spreads from your thighs to your upper torso. You feel revitalized and you remusclé as if you came out of a workout. His strong fine mesh provides optimal comfort, freedom of movement and this single extraordinary feeling of well-being than any other underwear is capable of reproducing.

PRACTICE: Also SLIMBoxer has a discrete front opening. Very practical, this opening allows you not to undress completely when you go to the bathroom. You just have a button to undo.

A real revolution for the modern man in search of elegance and masculinity.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

Available in 3 sizes: L, XL, XXL

Machine washable at 40 °

Color: black

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