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Shaving Brush Ocre

Ocher Shaving Brush

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Elegant and Refined Shavin Brush.

Brush made of natural badger hair.
Dimensions: 22 mm x 65 mm

High quality materials, stainless steel, wood, acrylic.
Dimensions: 28 mm x 65 mm 

How to Use a Shaving Brush ?

Many men are discovering the benefits of using an old-fashioned shaving brush to improve the quality of their morning shave. A high-quality shaving brush, usually made from badger hair, mixes shaving cream with water, allowing moisturizers to penetrate the skin more easily, resulting in a superior shave.

How to Get a perfect Shave ?

1. Moisten the area to be shaved with warm to hot water
2. Dip the badger hair brush into hot water
3. Then dip the brush into your shaving cream or soap and swirl around to create the lather
4. Apply the lather to your skin in circular strokes
5. Leave on the face for 1 to 2 minutes
6. Shave
7. Rinse the brush with clean water
8. Shake excess water from brush and place in a holder with the bristles pointing downwards

Use & Care

Works well with both shaving creams and hard soaps. After shaving, hang brush upside down on a stand and let air dry to allow bristles to maintain their shape. Keep handle away from wet surfaces when not in use. Its normal for the tips of the bristles to start to split after several uses. This gives the brush loft a fuller appearance and softer feel against the skin.

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