Phytox Regulator and Natural Stimulant Hepatic and Digestive Ineldea - 4
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Phytox Regulator and Natural Stimulant Hepatic and Digestive

Phytox Regulator and Natural Stimulant Hepatic and Digestive

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PHYTOX - The wellness break after food gaps

Hangover ... unexpected differences ... Meals, parties, birthdays ... A convivial moments where rich meals and small excesses are betting ... These fun times unfortunately become a source of hangovers and therefore regrets. Indeed, our organization facing a food overload must produce enzymes and acids in quantities greater. To find the energy sufficient for this overactive digestive, he will have to draw on its reserves. This can weaken and disrupt where: stomach pain, nausea, bloating, pasty mouth, fatigue ...

Composed of extracts of carefully selected plants for their purifying and stimulating properties, PHYTOX is a healthy and natural product that works fast. PHYTOX boosts your liver and digestive system.

NATURAL: PHYTOX will allow you to expedite processing of accumulated toxins from your body through natural stimulation of your body functions and thus absorb more quickly adverse events (headache ...). PHYTOX allows you especially to fully enjoy your ... day of celebration.

FAST: PHYTOX will allow you to prepare course and put your body in condition for the exceptional efforts that you will impose ... (Outstanding overconsumption of food or drinks)

Most plants and roots contained in PHYTOX as radish, mint, lemon balm, artichoke, are treasures inherited from antiquity. Come down to us, these plants are known and used for centuries for their power to ease digestive and liver disorders. PHYTOX sends you this legacy for your well-being by combining these plants with specific properties.

THE RADISH: This root vegetable soaks underground remarkable amount of minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium and helps re-mineralize the body very effectively. It is also rich in sulfur, which stimulates digestion and also has the advantage of concentrating a significant content of vitamin C known for toning.

MINT: has an antispasmodic effect on the digestive system. It relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract and stimulates bile flow to be very effective in indigestion and flatulence. Research has also shown efficacy in the treatment of inflammation of the colon.

THE BALM: Melissa His name comes from a Greek word meaning bee leaf combination even happier that this plant has the same tonic and healing properties as honey and royal jelly. It is traditionally used against insomnia and gases through the terpenes contained in its fragrant volatile oils. It also has antispasmodic properties.

THE MILK THISTLE: is an extraordinary plant for the treatment of liver diseases because it contains silymarin, a real protective of the liver. It promotes the secretion of bile, as well as the drainage of the gallbladder. Milk thistle helps in the digestion of fats, regulates blood sugar and cholesterol. It reduces intestinal inflammation and helps control nausea.

THE FUMITORY: is a plant whose name means Smoke earth. Used since the Middle Ages, it helps combat liver failure. Its richness in fumarine helps regulate the activity of the liver and gall bladder and thus facilitate digestion. It also relieves intestinal spasms.

ARTICHOKE: is the friend of the liver and gallbladder. Its leaves are used for their regulatory virtues of the liver and biliary functions. It is therefore particularly recommended for laziness and congestion of the liver.

Ingredients: Gentian root powder, artichoke powder, capsule (gelatin, colors: titanium dioxide, iron oxide), with wild garlic powder, chlorella powder, black radish root powder, emulsifier: stearate magnesium.

1 blister of 60 capsules

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poudre de racine de gentiane, poudre d'artichaut, gélule (gélatine, colorants: dioxyde de titane, oxyde de fer), poudre d'ail des ours, poudre de chlorella, poudre de racine de radis noir, émulsifiant: stéarate de magnésium.