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Hairbell Hair Supplement Hair Growth Accelerator

Hairbell Hair Supplement Hair Growth Accelerator

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HAIRBELL HAIR is our food supplement herbal nutrients, hyaluronic acid, collagen, amino acids and keratin, specially designed for Action 4 in 1: Growth + anti-fall effect + + gloss hair color

Seasonal changes, periods of stress and tiredness, or pollution, are behind the attack keratin fibers and embrittlement appendages. This is manifested by higher daily hair loss (2 to 4 times greater than those observed during the rest of the year), forked hair without volume and lackluster.
HAIRBELL HAIR is the best place to help give your hair a new dimension and nail beauty thanks to its new formula.


The formula HAIRBELL HAIR selects innovative active ingredients with complementary actions of vitamins and minerals.


The Nutricible 111 Apple (asset based flavan-3ols), helps eliminate free radicals to fight against premature graying of hair and stimulate peripheral microcirculation thanks to the joint action of bilberry extract.


The hydrolysates of wheat proteins associated with the rich bamboo silica, provide the elements necessary for the formation of keratin necessary for the construction of new hair fibers.


The brightness of hair is correlated with perfectly smooth and flat front of cuticle scales of keratin, well welded to each other, and that reflect light. Proper keratin synthesis is essential to the luster of the hair. Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection and vitamin B6 is involved in the synthesis of cysteine ​​(component keratin). Zinc, combined with amino acids, contributes to the beauty of the hair allowing the proper keratin synthesis. As for the asset Nutricible Beauty is a complex that focuses 3 essential components of the skin and scalp (Collagen - Keratin - Hyaluronic Acid) as guarantees of density and flexibility for feeding the hair inside!
Blueberry: activates microcirculation of the scalp,
Copper: Helps the natural pigmentation of the hair,
Zinc: Helps maintain hair
Vitamin B6: Helps to normal cysteine ​​synthesis,
Vitamin E: Helps protect cells against oxidative stress.



Hairbell: visible results
The observed reduction in the number of lost hair when brushing tensile test is significant (p <0.001) with an average loss of - 54,18%, an effect recognized for 100% voluntary,
The observed reduction in the number of lost hair when pulling tensile test is significant (p <0.001) with an average loss of - 72% on average effect seen for 100% of volunteers.
These results validate our HAIRBELL HAIR allegations according to which the treatment makes hair twice as strong or twice gives vitality.


After the treatment, participants were presented with a questionnaire to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. This led to the following results:

With glowing hair to 100% of the volunteers,
The hair stronger, with more material, 96% of volunteers,
Naturally colored hair better for 92% of volunteers,
92% of participants are ready to reuse it,
100% are prepared to recommend it.
No treatment discontinuation or side effects were observed during the three months of use.

Usage tips :

Two tablets in the morning with a full glass of water. Cure 30 days.

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Nutricible® Beauté [antiagglomérant : phosphate dicalcique, hydrolysat de collagène marin (poisson), kératine, acide hyaluronique]. L-Cystine. Antiagglomérants : phosphate dicalcique, carbonate de magnésium. Agent de charge : cellulose microcristalline. N