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HydrActiv Purify Remineralize and Hydrate the Body

HydrActiv Purify Remineralize and Hydrate the Body

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HYDR'ACTIV, the best way to hydrate the body

The body is composed on average of 65% water, which corresponds to about 45 kg of water to a 70 kg person.
However, the daily loss of up to 2.5 kg of water is 5.5%.
Or a minor dehydration - about 2% of water loss - is accompanied by a 20% decline in physical capacity.

Supports the vitality of the body
purifying properties
Helps re-mineralize the body
Facilitate the body's elimination functions
Helps fight against cellular aging

Pure water is not the best assimilated in the digestive tract. Indeed, everything is a matter of concentration electrolyte beverage ingested: the closer it is the internal environment (blood, lymph), the better it is absorbed in the intestine.
Pure water is much less concentrated in minerals and trace elements that the body, and therefore tend to attract them to the body to the gut lumen.
This results in not only a certain demineralization, but a partial removal of the ingested water.
HYDR'ACTIV was developed from the 3 plants richest in minerals to maximize hydration of the body, while promoting its remineralization: the lithotamnion, a limestone microalgae considered a "solid concentrate 'sea water " ; of Nettle and Horsetail, which facilitate elimination functions while mineralizing the body. The body is cleansed, hydrated, works better and is more resistant to aging.

Directions: 1 tablet daily dissolved in a glass of water. Wait for complete dissolution of the tablet before absorption.

Average nutritional information per tablet: 100 mg lithotamnion; Nettle extract 100 mg; Horsetail Extract 100 mg. Food supplement herbal, with sweetener (Stevia)

Ingredients: Lithotamne + Ortie + Prêle

1 Tube 15 effervescent tablets - Cure for 15 days

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