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Aleppo Premium Organic Soap with Dead Sea Mud

Aleppo Premium Organic Soap with Dead Sea Mud

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All the virtues of a high quality Aleppo soap and Dead Sea mud.

This is an exclusive Alepia. This Aleppo soap is composed of first pressure oils. This exceptional Alep soap is obtained by the original cold saponification process.

This unique recipe preserves all the qualities of the noble oils of the olive and the bay of laurel. The oils retain all their virtues for the skin, the fragrance of this Aleppo soap is (unlike the odor typified by the classic Aleppo soap) very pleasant.


It is recommended for washing and care of the skin and hair. Treat yourself and your body with Aleppo soap to the mud of the Dead Sea!

Why an Aleppo soap in the mud of the Dead Sea?

Aleppo soap in the Dead Sea Mud has increased its effectiveness. Alep soap in the Dead Sea Mud is particularly recommended for facial and neck treatments. As a scrub, it provides an effective exfoliation of your skin. In mask, a few minutes are enough for a care of your skin.

It can also be used in soap-care for the body and shampoo for the hair.

What are its differences with classic Aleppo bread?

Some technical details. The Aleppo soap is very surprising, because its (wonderful) smell is very different from that of its big brother, the Aleppo bread, and yet the composition is the same. In fact, it is very very high end:

- Oils of 1st pressure!

- Process of cold saponification

- Mud of the Dead Sea

The cold saponification preserves the quality of the oils.

In fact, the soap is prepared at 40 ° C while the Aleppo bread is baked at 180 ° for hours.

Note that the bayberry oil contains two components: The laurel butter, heavy and fat, and the essential oil which is very volatile and which disappears when cooking the bread of Alep at high temperature. The Aleppo Bread contains only the butter while the Premium soap contains butter and essential oil.

A 100% natural product


Approximately 125 g

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