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Spirulina Tonus Vitality Anti-Fatigue

Spirulina Tonus Vitality Anti-Fatigue

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PREMIUM SPIRULINA, the anti-fatigue ally

Spirulina + Vitamin B6
Supports vitality, maintains energy and tone, helps in case of fatigue
Promotes resistance of the organism
Contributes to normal energy metabolism
Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system

Spirulina has existed for over 3 billion years. So named because of its spiral shape, it belongs to the family of cyanobacteria or blue-green microalgae. In Africa, it is harvested for consumption by pregnant women and during periods of food shortages. Spirulina contains a mine of nutrients in a very small volume, making it a nutritional supplement of choice. It contains 55% to 70% of proteins of excellent quality, is an exceptional source of varied carotenoids (beta-carotene, cryptoxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin ...) and iron. It contains an appreciable amount of gamma-linolenic acid, an essential unsaturated fatty acid of the omega-6 family. In addition, spirulina is rich in phycocyanin, the only natural blue pigment to which strong antioxidant activity is attributed. It also contains chlorophyll and minerals in small quantities. In 2002, a Japanese team observed in human subjects that spirulina induced a mechanism of stimulation of the immune system. It may also help reduce blood lipid levels. Spirulina, like many algae, has a great affinity for heavy metals. Thus, in the organism, it plays a detoxifying role. The nutrients it contains are all the better assimilated.

A product manufactured in France, under quality assurance, from laboratories certified ISO 22000

Directions: 2 capsules per day, preferably in the morning or at noon, with a glass of water.
SPIRULIN (Spirulina platensis) 500 mg Vitamin B6 2 mg (143% AR *) * RA: Recommended Intake
1 Pill of 60 capsules - 30 days

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Premium Spirulina
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Spiruline + Vitamine B6